Mental Health - Deinstitutionalization versus Reinstitutionalisation

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    Deinstitutionalization, while implemented in Western countries with good intentions, has resulted in homeless people who do not have access to psychiatric drugs or refuse to take them, has established a separate class of people who are mostly despised by the general citizenry.
    This ostracization* is done mostly out of fear but also by bigotry and one of the subsets of bigotry ... racism.

    As is often the case, deinstitutionalization while implemented with good intentions, has as a consequence, resulted in a growing problem in society in the form of homeless citizens.

    Community services that developed include supportive housing with full or partial supervision and specialised teams (such as assertive community treatment and early intervention teams). Costs have been reported as generally equivalent to inpatient hospitalisation, even lower in some cases (depending on how well or poorly funded the community alternatives are).
    Although deinstitutionalisation has been positive for the majority of patients, it also has shortcomings.

    Criticism of deinstitutionalisation generally takes two forms.
    Some, defend the use of psychiatric institutions and conclude that deinstitutionalisation was a move in the wrong direction.
    Others, argue that it was an unsuccessful move in the right direction, suggesting that modern day society faces the problem of "reinstitutionalisation".
    While coming from opposite viewpoints, both sets of critics argue that the policy left many patients homeless or in prison.
    Deinstitutionalisation was generally positive for patients, but some were left homeless or without care.

    *ostracization to exclude, by general consent, from society, friendship, conversation, privileges, etc.
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    this is all fabricated nonsense , the reason we have homeless people is because we need affordable housing. :)
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    This just shows how boring it was in here until the weekend arrived!
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    bring back the asylums

    mentally ill homelessness is a huge problem
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    Those words are so big .
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    So ... you tried to stick 'em up yer butt?
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    I guess I should have broken weekend up into two words!
    Sorry, my bad!
    Week end
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    No .I haven't taken my morning dump yet .
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    Just ignore them.
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    The voices?
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    It's funny, liberals will rant about free housing and how to help these people. Try and put up a drug treatment facility or homeless shelter near their homes or the businesses they work at and watch them :censored2: a brick and demand it be put somewhere else.

    No one wants these garbage people near them.
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    Did you get kicked out of the asylum again? Don't be mad, fren. Be happy!! Embrace your insanity.
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    No I successfully helped prevent a "outpatient treatment center", aka rehab facility, go in near here though. Only had to go to one council meeting.

    It's offices now with upscale apartments on the second and third floors. You know, people who actually contribute to society. Garbage people can stay in the ghetto.
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    NIMBY-ism isn’t restricted to Liberals.

    Both sides want something to happen, they just want it to happen ‘somewhere else.
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    You’re a POS.
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    We had a BIG State Hospital here for many years. It was a major employer locally and housed hundreds of "mentally retarded" people. All of a sudden the State decided to shut it down and bulldoze the brick buildings. All that's left is a vacant field and a bunch of loonies running around the area like zombies.
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    What are you ... for believing him? LOL
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    He already lives in the ghetto, a rehab center might clean the place up.
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