Misload question


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Got one of those as a driver once for a “no scan”. It was a single package resi, the package was not on board. I marked it not found in DIAD and sent ods message to that effect.

Next day on car wants me to sign paper while lecturing me about importance of service and package visibility.

I tried to explain that I can’t put a del scan on a package NOT ON MY CAR but that just resulted in discussion that there were “way too many” no scans day before so they wanted to make a point about how important this is.

I mean, OK, I know how important it is, but what else do I do about it? I simply wrote on the paper that I did not have pkg and had reported it to mgmt.

The Supe literally smiled and I never heard about it again. Sometimes they just need something visible to show their bosses so it looks like they are taking action to “fix the problem”.

Kinda like face masks.


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hi there I’ve been a UPS for one year.
We just switched to a new automation system we don’t have to scan boxes anymore. Now we also do not go by route ID but by the truck stall number.

Misloads happen even more even people who have been here longer since they are learning to go by stall number now.
There are some dudes who get 70 or 32 no joke!

I was getting 1-4 a week now I’m getting 5-11 a week.

The supervisors are making us sign a paper saying we talked about misloads. I’m not sure if that’s what I’m really signing. I’m really doing my best to check. However I’ve even had my drivers tell me it can be something like the date or the system not getting updated so the box will be like 2 stals down.

Can I get fired for misloads or anyone? There’s so many people not just me upset I haven’t asked my union rep yet about this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sir or madam and have a great day!
To get fired you need to steal something, have it on camera, with 2 witnesses. When I used to work at the hub, if you were bad at a job they would transfer you around till they find something your good at. Just RTS everything and pick a steady, safe and comfortable pace to work. They'll eventually leave you alone.