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  1. Birdblue

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    I was wondering let’s say at the start of the night when I get trailer that’s is partially been filled from the previous shift and there there are mis loads in the trailer like some laying out in the floor in plain sight if I don’t take them out and load the trailer full with them inside will that technically count as a miss load on me even though I didn’t scan them? And if management wanted to could or had to put them on somebody could they put them on me?
  2. RolloTony Brown Town

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    If they can prove it was you via scan then yes. If they can’t then no.
  3. MarvelousMunata

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    I only scan packages I load.

    If someone else was in the truck loading they have to prove who misloaded and cant put the lame on either of you until they have proof.

    Ur good.
  4. ihateloading

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    If they were there from the previous shift then no, they can’t put it on you and the system will show that it was the previous loader on the last shift who loaded it.

    You should take it out anyway so someone in Iowa’s package doesn’t end up in Oregon or something though.
  5. DriverNerd

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    Yes, technically you won't get in trouble, but just take out the misload if you see it. Don't be lazy.
  6. MarvelousMunata

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    I remember a morning they pulled my cages before i started loading the package cars. Put around 50 parcels, different sizes, heavy, in the wrong truck. Had to take em out and reload them