Missing a decade and found!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, May 7, 2013.

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    This hero, that after his initial act, said the below, and this is not hype, HE REALLY SAID IT and seems
    like he meant it.

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    Out of Cleveland, they just announced the charges against Castro and at the end, the guy says this does not reflect the behavior of the Puerto Rican Community. WTF ?? If it was a white guy, would he say this behavior does not reflect the white community. That statement was out of place !!!
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    Imagine the hassle that poor woman is going to go thru trying to reestablish her identity. Shes 10 years late filing her taxes, her drivers license is expired, whatever was in her checking account when she got kidnapped is probably gone, and her cellphone is shut off. On the bright side, I'm sure she stands to make a couple million on a book deal. Lets hope the scum who so horribly victimized her gets to spend the rest of his miserable life in a prison cell being some 300 lb guy's little bitch.
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    Her burger King taxes are probably overdue. I doubt she had a cell phone, or ever had a checking account. Or much of a life to remember, since a good chunk of it was spent captive. So sad for all of them.
    I hope he rots in prison, being abused daily by bigger bullies.
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    I feel this guy is a real down to earth, good man. Even though at times his talk is colorful, his thoughts are from a good place. I heard he had some minor brushes with the law, but doing something like this, seeing the evil he saw, when he could have just walked on by, would be a game changer for anyone.
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    If this monster was a registered Republican the clowns on MSNBC would be having a field day.

    Via American Thinker:

    According to voter registration records, Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, is a registered Democrat. He was also the alleged leader among the three Castro brothers, who were arrested this week, and the owner of the house at 2207 Seymour Ave., where the three abducted local women had been kept in captivity for over a decade.

    Why is this important? Whenever a crime or a scandal captures national attention, the pattern in the mainstream media is to either identify the culprit as a Republican or hold silence — in which case we can rest assured that the culprit is a Democrat.

    When the identity or the party affiliation is yet unknown, the pattern is to speculate publicly about the possibility of the criminal being a conservative, Christian, white, Republican, and a Tea Party member — and never that he could be a Hispanic Democrat voter playing bass in a meringue band.

    In today’s divisive climate, the identity of a perpetrator is always a political issue, especially when a crime is committed by men against women. According to the Daily News, “What the neighbors saw was terrifying and dehumanizing: Naked women on dog leashes, crawling in the dirt. A lady clutching an infant and pounding on a window for help.”
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    Why does mr. Castro have a bail amount ???

    Granted, it's $8 million, but there are nuts with bucks that could spring him. There was a nut out there that got the Boston bomber buried.

    He should be "no bail" pending further charges. There should be no chance for this man to get out.

    Some daffy bail person with $$$ may want worldwide advertising. Some ACLU member with $$$$ may want to save him from his situation. Whatever the reason, there's people with $8 million who could sweep in and get him out!!
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    Ohio law requires bail with the charges filed so far. Even this piece of excrement is entitled to be treated under the same laws that you and I would be.
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    Too bad libs are infamously soft on crime. This scumbag should not be allowed to waste anymore perfectly good oxygen. Ahh, but alas, he's a poor sex addict who couldn't control his actions cut him some slack. He can really relate with former president Clinton after all.
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    Then maybe at $500 or $750 million, the chances of bail are slimmer......$8 million bail is doable to a lot of people.
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    It was only going to be $5M , but the judge added the other $3M .

    No liberal would ever spend $8M towards his bail , unless it was some one else money ( gov't funds ) .
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    Give me a machete. I'll cut him lots of slack.
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    Rule of law is something that the American Taliban cares not one whit about.
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    So now Puerto Ricans are American Taliban ???
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    Oh great, the Dumb & Dumber guy.
    That's like getting political info from Michael Moore or Morgan Freeman........