Moderators, A "Thank you" thread


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Moderators please do not respond to this thread. Cheryl or someone else if you would please(if possible) send a private message or email to all members informing them about signing the thread(Im not to computer savy). I dont want to see this thread drop down into the archives. Many upsers might be on vacation or whatever, so I would like to give everyone the oppurtunity to sign(so to speak). I do not know if this has been tried before so Im going to give it a shot.

Moderators, I know sometimes we take you for granite, but believe me the Brown Cafe could not run smoothly without you. Actually it would not run at all. Its a thankless job a times. The fact you guys and gals put up with us is a true testiment to your strength and character.

I became a member of the BC in feb o6. I did not become active till dec 06. I just want share a couple things. I remember when I was a junior member and I believe scratch gave me one of my first votes of confidence(rep). Boy! did that go to my head, now I cant shut up lol. DS had to take me to the wood shed a couple times when I got out of line lol(he s really a nice a person). Again, I just want to say Thanks for all your hard work.

In closing, LETS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I'll buy the first round of drinks(just for the moderators). What do you think? I was going to buy them for everyone. LOL Hey who's going to bring the MEATBALLS?LOL ps maybe after the thread has run for a couple weeks, you moderators can print it out and hang on your wall as a lovely reminder of our affection.


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Lift them high, and drain them dry!
To the one who says, "My turn to buy!"​

I've been on the forum forever; many of us still keep tabs on each
other (we've been friends since we were all about 5 years old) so nothing really new and interesting going on there...​

I have a small stained glass studio and I'm in a stained glass forum. It's very interesting to get tips from people all around the world
and see the beautiful work they do.​

But this group is by far THE most entertaining!!​

A very unique bunch, where you never know
what's coming around the next corner!!​

Thanks guys, for all of your unseen work in the background.​


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Dudes!! and lovely Ladies of the BC site, dont forget to sign the thank you thread. A43(bingo) ps I dont want to have to keep dragging it out of the archives. ( :


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Thank you for all your hard work on this site!!! This site is a big help to us who have questions or need to vent!!!! thanks again

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I visited BC many times way back in '99 '00 to hear about the "rumors". There was a lot of communication coming through the forum and that had substantial merit. There has always been an unwritten truth...if you want to know whats going on, go ask a feeder driver! Well BC fit the same standard!

Though I have been here a short time as a regular, I am amazed at how far this forum has progressed in the last few years. This is testimony to the moderators.

Cheryl and the rest of the group has done an outstanding job managing this value added and entertaining forum. I salute you!


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Yeah, props to the mods. Thanks for not acting like the nanny-state but more like the invisible hand; a bolt of lightning that strikes down on trickpony when he's had a few too many.

Keep it up!