Monday Layoffs


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If you’re high seniority you should be able to follow your work. But if they sent me to another center they would be very sorry.🐢
100% trace, full 1 hour break, and an early message to the center letting them know you will have missed business.

If this is to be their plan going forward, I say make it hurt.


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If it’s like our center then there’s no point in questioning because most of the lower seniority might be laid off to work Tuesday-Saturday. You could bump possibly because your route is cut? Not sure how your local sees that.


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Correct, seniority gives you the right to work, not the right to not work. That being said with your seniority they should allow you to take layoff, especially with your route being cut. It’s a slippery subject. It came up many times when I was in package with other drivers.


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Monday layoffs? I look forward to them but I make sure I call before I get there that will have to go in and go back home


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The reason we say that is because there is no wording in the contract that says you get to bump or use your seniority in order to not work. Such as what you are asking. But there is specific wording pertaining to being told you can not work. You will have to check with your steward to see if your center/building uses past practice for this issue.
The Atlantic Supplement has language that says you can take a voluntary layoff day before they lay off from the bottom up; or at least in my center that is how the language has been interpreted.