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    1. what will be the amount of dues for the UPSF employees.
    2.since the uosf employees will not have buisness agents but will have PODS that is made up of Employees. Retirees, Company and APWA? Who is going to pay for the employees, retirees, hear a grievance?
    3. How will social security affect your retirement with the apwa?
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    The only answer I know so far is your pension and social security are 2 different entities. You will get your pension and full soc. sec., they will not deduct it from your pension, you have paid for both over your career, it is yours
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    For the first 6months I believe the dues will be what they are currently in the Teamsters, the 7th they drop by 50%.
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    The only answer I know so far is your pension and social security are 2 different entities. You will get your pension and full soc. sec., they will not deduct it from your pension, you have paid for both over your career, it is yours

    Why do you continue to promise things you can't deliver...

    For the first 6months I believe the dues will be what they are currently in the Teamsters, the 7th they drop by 50%.

    Same question...???

    The apwa is NOT a union.... or they would have registered with the DOL by now.... 2 years of the the same Bull:censored2:.

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    That is kinda strange how they are saying what we will have in a retirement when they don't have enough to decert let alone sat at the table and negotiated a contract. Man, I need to get my hands on that crystal ball so I can see what the lotto #'s will be for the Big Game:thumbup1:
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    You obviously haven't a clue as to the regs regarding the Dol and getting the "union" status. You have to have a body of members that signed cards giving the new organization authority to represent them. Once this is done the paper work can be filed with the Dol. To file before hand would be a violation.
    Here is something else for you BigUnionGuy
    Hoffa Takes Aim at Your Right to Vote
    By TDU Created 2007-03-05 20:33
    Hoffa won the election and deserves to serve as our Teamster president. But he, and other top officers, should respect Teamster democracy and fair, supervised elections. Instead, they are working to make the 2006 Teamster election the last.
    In 2001, President Hoffa supported an amendment to the Teamster Constitution to establish members’ right to elect International Union officers and convention delegates. But today top Hoffa administration officials are publicly attacking Teamster elections.
    What explains the Hoffa administration’s U-turn and what can Teamsters do to protect our Right to Vote?
    In two recent union publications, International Vice President Fred Gegare and International Carhaul Director Fred Z opposed members’ Right to Vote and openly praised the old system where local union officials automatically served as convention delegates.
    Gegare and Zuckerman each have their reasons for taking away members’ right to elect our convention delegates. Zuckerman was humiliated when Local 89 members defeated his slate and elected 17 rank-and-file delegates who supported Tom L.
    Gegare, the chairman of the Central States Fund who voted to cut members’ pensions (while having four pensions himself) knows that rank-and-file delegates were the main supporters of amendments to hold pension fund trustees accountable to Teamster members.
    But Gegare and Zuckerman are not launching free-lance attacks based on their personal agendas.
    L Ghostwrites Articles
    The articles in the Wisconsin Teamster and the Local 89 Teamster were signed by Gegare and Zuckerman, but were actually written by Richard L, a top advisor to President Hoffa and his chief spokesperson during the 2006 election. That explains how two officials in different states use the exact same words in their “personal” columns.
    It’s all part of a Hoffa administration effort to maintain elections for IBT officers in the constitution, but eliminate the Right to Vote in practice.
    Hoffa can’t come out against Teamster democracy directly. He needs to be able to tell the Justice Department that Teamsters have the Right to Vote in our constitution to be successful in negotiations with the Justice Department to end the Consent Decree and government oversight of our union.
    Hoffa’s U-Turn
    So Hoffa champions the Right to Vote as a constitutional principle, while he fights any attempts by members to exercise their Right to Vote in practice.
    In 2006, Hoffa tried to block the nomination of all opposition candidates and his campaign repeatedly denounced his opponents for “wasting our union’s money” by running for office.
    Top Hoffa administration officials have repeatedly gone on the record in support of a change to the election rules to increase the amount of delegate support that candidates would need to get on the ballot.
    Hoffa’s own spokesman has put it in writing that Teamster members should lose the right to elect Convention delegates.
    Hoffa’s plan is clear. Change the nomination formula. Eliminate elected delegates. And presto! Members would still have the constitutional Right to Vote for International Union officers, but it would be impossible for any opposition candidates to run.
    Hoffa won the election and deserves to serve as our Teamster president. But he, and other top officers, should respect Teamster democracy and fair, supervised elections. Instead, they are working to make the 2006 Teamster election the last.

    These elitist in the IBT don't give a rats behind about you rank and file members. They are set for life already. You're a useful idiot at best in there eyes. The article says it all, you're not smart enough to vote, "we" know what is best for you! "We" don't need to be explaining ourselves to you! That is the face of the IBT.

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    Why do YOU continue to believe and defend the corrupt thieves that our taken more from you then they give?Lies,corruption,under funded pensions,poor contracts thats what the great IBT has to offer.Thats what you call good representation?I think you must have your head in the end of that cannon.Sooner or later you will pull it out and see the light.When the horse has a broken leg you shoot it fool and buy a new one.It's time for change and the time is now.The UPS only union APWA!The people our speaking so listen!Oh I foregot the IBT speaks for you.
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    Well they have charges filed against a Teamster local and some UPS management people, with the NLRB, as a Union! Will let you know how that turns out.

    If the crooks within the Teamsters had kept their hands off CS funds throughout many years, we wouldn't be in this situation, but we are as a result and what happens is the Teamsters own doing.
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    Theres's been more than enough examples for voting out the teamsters and we all know you can't please everyone so lets not forget the one thing we can do and that is vote.
    When this finally goes to a vote, hopefully sooner than later, we'll show the teamsters they are not dealing with idiots. They are dealing with 200 plus thousand people who do care about what they do and especially what they don't do. You only get one shot at life or something like this and the only way to make the most of this is to get involved, get informed and make a difference. After that we will have optons, even if that means that we can only blame ourselves.
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    You know, you are true liberal - you have to be a hippie liberal Democrat. You don't answer his questions, instead you dance around the issues and you fire back with smart ass questions of your own. The non-stop cheerleading posts and threads are REALLY getting old and I think you're hurting yourselves more than you realize. Secondly, tell that union busting lawyer to send you all to an English class at a local community college or something because you have the writing style of a third-grader. For example: "HAS THE TEAMSTERS SOLD YOU OUT" - come on, you expect us to take you seriously?

    You are pawns of a union busting lawyer. I don't know whats worse...what you accuse us of or yourself?
  11. any122

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    First off, not my post.Second Im more conservative than you im sure.But I do support abortion if it will prevent libs with mental dissorders like yourself.
  12. Fredless

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    Wow, that was pretty lame. I've seen you guys do a lot better than that.

    You still have yet to answer his questions.
  13. any122

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    Im not here to do his or your homework.If you don"t see what the great IBT has done for the brotherhood you our stupid or blind.Tell me why i should have the need to be part of the big failing teamster organization?
  14. Fredless

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    You are very thick skulled. GET THIS INTO YOUR BRAIN - We don't want to HEAR propoganda that you spew, that is OBVIOUS by the numbers the IBT shows us about the pension...what we DO WANT TO HEAR IS YOUR ANSWERS FOR IT!


    Answer the mans questions and maybe we'll take you more seriously!
  15. 705red

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    What they havent answered the questions yet? Thats no surprise to any one that has been here for a while. Dodge, dodge, ask another question, blame it on the ibt, dodge, dodge, the apwa is almighty! Vote for me!!!!! van
  16. Fredless

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    I also like how they are very rude, and trying to sway our votes.
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    You're grown and understand math and the written word. Just solve the riddle as to WHY does the Machinist Union members within the UPS shops get $7000 plus a month in retirement and Teamster members ( Both parties rec'ving the same weekly contributions to the respective funds) will get the amount equal to a third of or upto 50 percent of Machinist Union member's pension?
    It's right in front of your faces and you refuse to see the problem...The Machinist Union has done it's membership right...
    The Teamsters have taken advantage of the rank and file, mismanaged the retirement fund to death.
    Let's say for the sake of arguing the APWA gets in, yes it will take a little time to get its footing possibly but in the long run
    you package people will get 100% of the $200 plus contributed each week. We in Freight won't get our dime store Pension tossed into a bottomless pit... gone to all the failed outfits once under Teamster control. Under the APWA,
    there is no failing retirement account to suck our funds away.
    It will be what we've earned already and then the APWA plan would grow with the contributions neg. under a contract.
    Your calls about answering questions is lame since nothing told to you matters. Fact, reason or "It's the right thing to do" for the UPSers now and in the future.
    On top of all the crap talk The APWA has the ability to get (YOUR) Pension dollars upon your death forwarded to your spouse or your kids and Estate. The IBT gives your wife 50 percent minus a 350 p/mo. processing fee for only five blanking years. Nothing to the Kids or Estate. You worked for it just like the pay check; it should be YOUR money.
    How can the APWA do this? Study up on Single Employer plans VS Multi-Employer plans. So the Crap about the APWA being new and note having everything in the bag right out of the gate is another lame arguement. The IBT has been at it for you Package people since when? And still the IBT hasn't gotten it right! If you really want to be a ho for the IBT organization then send me your private home address so I can atleast send you guys some lubrication.
  18. It has been over one year since OVNT became UPS Freight. Has one single terminal signed up with the apwa? Though I have heard that many terminals are going to join the Teamsters right after the contract is done in Indy. The IBT is holding off the organizing per an agreement with UPS until the contract is signed.
  19. 705red

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    Iron ask those machinist how happy they are with there contract? You state that they get $7000 a month now, what happens in 15 years when they have more retireed than paying? The machinists in my area hate their union, their pay isnt the best, the benefits arent as good, vacations etc. So we trade a little pension to receive better benefits now, most of us understand this, how come you cant!
  20. 705red

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    I have been out organizing in my area and not one person has brought up the 4 letter word. I think we will sign 85% to 90% percent of the ups freight workers here when we have the vote. Just waiting for indy's contract.