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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by trance, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. trance

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    I have a manager I report to that threatens termination and MPIP anytime an element takes any negative gains regardless of the reason. What recourse is there and is the threat valid if it's the first time an element has fallen off plan?
  2. Dragon

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    What level Manager?

    To really answer your question, no you cannot be put on MPIP if its the first time an element has fallen off plan, you really have to be off plan on a lot of things to be placed on MPIP.
  3. trance

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    Center manager, I've been a full time operation sup since October made plan on all elements monthly, may miss PPh by 2 pieces after Gap and misleads by 1/200 due to a part timer with a grudge
  4. Harry Manback

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    File a grievance...
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  5. box_beeyotch

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    Hes management.
  6. Harry Manback

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    Shhh.... You'll scare away the fish...
  7. trance

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    Lol file a grievance. Been a long time since that option was on any table near me =D spend most my time defending against grievances. So many new PT sups in my new operation it drives me crazy.
  8. Harry Manback

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    Dammit, box_beeyotch... I almost had a whopper...
  9. BrownSuit

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    What was your last performance rating (QPR)?

    If it wasn't Improvement Needed or Significant Improvement Needed, I wouldn't worry about it. It would never fly with the local HR Manager who although you have likely never met, has to sign off on it.

    As far as how to get him to stop, you have to decide what your long-term career goals are. You can either file a complaint using the 800 line or deal with it. You can also suggest a meeting with the Division Manager or with a member from HR to review your performance. This can however backfire on you.

    Based on what you are describing it's a baseless threat and your Manager needs to stop.
  10. If you boil it down to the simplistic there is either the stick or the carrot to motivate folks... Have you had any exposure to this center manager prior to this, or is this your first assignment (and in a new building) ? How has this person "lead" (people are lead, things are managed) others that you have talked to ??
  11. trance

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    Like pouring jet fuel on a campfire.
  12. OldMan

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    The person who is using these threats is his way of motivating his people. A very poor method that is used by some management people. Check with someone else who has worked for this person to see if he ever made good on his threats. If you are not on the bad side of him he is just blowing smoke. I know that doesn't make it any easier to come to work with a person like that. Remember, the good thing about UPS is sooner or later this clown will be transferred or you will get promoted.
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  13. hyena

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