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    I'm a semi new loader who was hired early in September and I have yet to reach my seniority date, but it seems like every other time I load cars I get a misload or two. It's because I'm so worried about shelf placement and what's going down the belt that I sometimes get ahead of myself. The long and short of it is that my preload manager over the hub has sent me home 3 times now. After showing up to work and about 10 min into the day he pulls me aside to talk about them saying that I need to work on it, then sends me away. Today was the 3rd time and he said if I'm not clean after this I'm gone. I'm wondering 2 things... first off I don't think that he is technically allowed to skip the letters and other formalities of discipline before sending me home, is that right? I think it's just a scare tactic but I'm pretty sure if I get another one I'm gone. Which brings me to question 2. I've been a member of the Union for almost 2 months since I got signed pretty soon after I was hired, so does that mean that if I get another midload and get fired that I am backed by the union(even though I haven't gotten past my probationary 70 days) and can possibly get my job back? Thank you all for your help I appreciate your advice, I'm just not sure how things are supposed to work. :annoyed::annoyed::annoyed::dissapointed:(Accidentally posted this in UPS Discussions... whoops)
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    If you're still in your probationary period management can get rid of you whenever they please and the union can't stop them. So if you haven't attained seniority and you really want to keep the job do your best to please management, even if that means coming to them before or after your shift looking for ways to improve your performance, at least then they'll see you're trying to improve yourself. If you've attained seniority talk to your steward about this as they'll probably be able to give you better locational answers than this forum.

    Good luck.