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  1. Thanks to everyone in advance. I am going through the process of becoming a FT Sup. I have been with the company for eight years as a PT Sup and have kept my nose clean. My req for FT was approved and now all I have to do is pass the background check and MRE test. My question is three years ago I received a probation before judgement for misdemeanor assault. Will this hang up my background check or will it be a non problem. What exactly are they looking for in this background check?
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    No idea.
    Are they aware of this?
    Did you circumvent disclosing this?
  3. Yes they are aware of this and no I didnt circumvent disclosing it. I made the company aware when it happened as well as when I went up for promo.
  4. I got into a fight with my ex-wifes boyfriend and we all can imagine how that played out. Only time ive ever been in trouble, dont even have any traffic tickets. ever. :-/
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    Should not be a problem then.
    The background check is to ensure you disclosed everything.
    Good luck!
  6. I hope not, im rather worried about it.
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    Hopefully, being a full-time sup will make this seem minor. :wink2:
  8. I have been playing full-time sup for a long, long time. It's about time I reap the benefits. I see it your way, in the grand scheme of things the worrying about somthing trivial is a drop in the bucket compared to this career change. I just cant believe how little insight there is anymore on the big brown cafe, lol. :confused:
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    I've never eaten and MRE. Any good?
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    Not bad. They're great if your starving though.
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    I found the MRE to be difficult. It took me around 4 hours to complete.

    You will be a hypothetical manager at a hypothetical company who must respond and react to employees questions and concerns over the course of a simulated work day. It is timed and you must think and make decisions quickly.

    My immiediate reaction after finishing it I thought i had failed, i ended up passing tho.

    It is still a very new process and not many people have taken it yet.

    Best advice i can give is to take it seriously, make sure you have no distractions because the time limits come up quick. Good Luck!
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    Did he beat your ass??
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    I've had them when I was stationed overseas. They're not too bad.
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    Some are ok. The pork was nasty.
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    We used to eat those ,when I was in the Boy Scouts.
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    Ever eat the old C or K rats? MRE's are a huge improvement.
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    No I haven't.
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    Think spam. As the highlight of your meal.
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    Chicken ala king , and mix in the cheese spread for your crackers was some good :censored2:!!! Semper fi
  20. As a former marine I will say that if I smell tabasco sauce I get sick to my stomach. I've had my fair share of MRE's to the point that doomsday planning will include no MRE planning, at least the gov surplus ones.