Mt. Rushmore

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 8, 2011.

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    How ironic!

    Bachmann: Put Calvin Coolidge On Mount Rushmore

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    I got stranded in Rapid City for 3 days (car wouldn't get out of reverse mode), figures - wanted to get back to Canada, eh ? LOL
    Anyways, was a good place to be stranded at. Nice little town, western style, and lots and lots of Bison/Buffalo Steaks & Burgers.
    Every restaurant there has it, even the street vendors have Bison burgers !

    Definitly a MUST place to see in the middle of the Badlands :)
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    Why are there no black presidents carved into Rushmore??? That racist rockface should be dynomited down.
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    Move those rocks closer to LA - they'll get a nice black smog face lift ;)
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    Because we've never had any black president yet!
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    I'm an hour out of L.A. and my sky is crystal clear, bluer than blue and so crisp looking from the foggy days a few days ago.