Murder victim's remains missing, after Medical Examiner's Office 'FedExes' them to lab

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by worldwide, Aug 28, 2019.

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  2. I used to deliver boxes to the San Diego county Coroner multiple times that the box smelt like death . Something fishy when the front desk has a face mask and latex gloves on.
  3. Operational needs

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    I’d hate to have to be the person opening that box in Overgoods.
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  4. scooby0048

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    And in other news, I hear there will be a new job opening in Fulton County, GA.
  5. BootsOnTarmac

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    Should have paid for SDR. After sitting for the weekend, Overgoods probably just tossed it in the dumpster possibly due to the smell and or damage.
  6. McFeely

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    And here I thought leaky crawfish boxes stunk.
  7. dezguy

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    I was just about to say the same about lobster.
  8. vantexan

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    Guy went on a ptarmigan hunt in Montana, had them send him the birds and a CD with pics of the hunt. They required a signature and it was Friday and of course he wasn't home. Instead of packing the birds in dry ice they just froze them. By Monday they were rotting and I didn't get to his rural home until 1600. One of the worst smells ever. He wanted to just take the CD and let me dispose of the birds. Told him couldn't do that, he wasn't happy.
  9. rod

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    Same thing happened to our excess Christmas turkeys 2 years in a row. Left in building over the weekend right under a heat duct. Both times the center manager said he was going to donate them to the food shelf--both times they went to the dumpster.
  10. SmithBarney

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    USPS is the only that ships remains.(at least cremated remains) That's the only way they'd ship my dear family member.
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    I used to pick massive boxes of human donation remains, but haven't been on that rte for a long time. nasty
  12. BootsOnTarmac

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    AlloSource was a big shipper with Fedex Express. Haven't seen those big cold boxes for a long time now.