My boss is not treating me right...

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    I injured my ankle at work walking from a grating to a smooth surface and twisted it. I took one day to "self- treat".My boss wanted me to work one day after that and he pushed me to do so so i did. I got hurt badly the following week and went to Baptist Worx. The doctor said to "keep the ankle air cast on and do not take it off but to ice it because I need support." Just a wrapped ace bandage isn't going to work. The next day my boss demanded I come into work and I showed up with sandals on because I cannot get my work boot over it. The guards did not allow me to come into UPS. They told me to call my supervisor, *******. HE told me to take off the cast and to put my boot on instead of letting me off that day!! The guards were shocked. I went into work and my boss told me to wait to see the Safety rep., **********. I saw her and told her what happened and she said that he would have to make the desicion to work or not! Larry said I "needed to work". He unwrapped the bandage I had on and re wrapped it to his liking without putting any of my feelings into consideration i.e. "are you ok"?, "is this too tight?". He then went to press on my injured, inflamed, aching ankle and my tear ducts welled up. He immediately stopped and did not ask if I was all right. He told me to use my vacation time for an injury and go home. What should I do?
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    This is not good...Larry isn't a doctor and shouldn't be touching you...if I may ask, are you female?? Give it a couple hours I'm sure many on here will give you good information on what to do...remember nobody touches you...especially an injured body part...good luck. Larry could very well be in big trouble over this!!
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    if this is true ..i blame part of it on you..self treat is not the way to go. let their DR. decide what treatment is needed not some supervisor.
    and stand up for yourself dont let some supervisor touch you or fix your bandages..thats just nuts!
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    You let UPS management re-wrap your ankle and you're mad he wasn't gentle enough and didn't pay attention to your feelings? You showed up to work @ UPS in sandals? You dial the number and say "my ankle is in a cast I won't be in". Then you get a doctors note if you're out more than three days. Did you show up in sandals just to piss them off?
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    File for work comp and report "your boss and Larry" to the police for practicing medicine without a license.
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    Hahaha. Awesome story. Like said above you need to learn to stick up for yourself a little.
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    I don't believe it.
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    Your sup is an orthopedic surgeon?That's weird because mine is a proctologist- he's always trying to get in people's anus's, he doesn't care about our feelings either lol.
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    You must be a female.
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    From UPS' point of view, you are faking it.

    Report your injury and get a Doctor's note with restrictions.

    Every employee is told to REPORT all injuries. Do it.
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    Yes, report an injury get beat to heck over it, then go to a doctor, you can not self treat an injury and be covered and you DO NOT have to show your injury to anyone.
    If you got bit in the arse by a dog, are you going to show them???????????????????
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    wow,and the hits just keep coming!!!!is all i can say
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    Most definitely.
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    report the injury for workman's comp get reference number and contact a workman's comp lawyer
  15. toonertoo

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    Well yes but that would be so special. In all seriousness tho, you do not have to show your boss your sprained ankle, they are bosses not doctors. They can say that dont look too bad. Of course if its broke insterad of sprained, it may not swell at all.
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    This story is fictional. Nobody in management in their right mind would take a chance and get cought up in something so stupid. Especially with a female.
  17. toonertoo

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    The story may be fictional I agree, but the rest is not out of the realm. Been there done it when I knew no better.....................No one ever said they were in right mind. If they were they would not be in shall I say Mgmt.
  18. Indecisi0n

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    The other day i tried to call out because i had a scheduled colonoscopy and they wouldn't let me. The sup instead did the procedure while he was giving the PCM. Turns out i am polyps free!
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    Well, I was having a mild heart attack and my sup shocked me with a frayed wire from a belt motor. Thanks to him, I was good to drive that day!
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    Your problem is not your ankle,it's in your shorts !!! Be a man and grow some stones!!! Don't let a dope like that S.S man Larry to check you out !!! (I'm sure he's no Harvard med grad ) Mother of God,I thought I have heard it all the past 23 years,but we have a w"winner" here !!!