My Last Day!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tups, May 16, 2008.

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    It's finally here! Today is my last day at UPS. I started 3 years ago as a driver, and have been a cover driver since. I got engaged to a doctor this past fall who is working in Texas, and I'm moving there on Monday. She doesn't like my hours, the aggravation, and how beat up I get from this job, so on orders of my doctor, I'm quitting.( and don't tell me if any of you were in my shoes you wouldn't do the same!!) All the management has been asking me all week is if I'll book off today, pull a no show, or do something to screw with them. Been hearing it all week. Other than little things to just mess with their heads, like coming in wearing a red t-shirt, or a Patriots, hat or not shaving, knowing they couldn't send me home because they need me to cover the route I'm on this week, I plan on going in and working through the day just as it has been since day 1. Though I bet I'll get the strip search treatment tonight on the way out the door. I started posting on here not long after I started and found this place very useful and informative. Usually got info on things that were happening long before they got implemented in my building, and was able to give some of my buddies a heads up. Took many pot shots at UPS in general and my managers in particular, and this has a been a real good place to vent! Thanks to everyone that keeps this board going, it has, at least to me, been a very useful and informative place. So, looks like after 7 pm tonight I'll get to breathe once again! Guess I can move to the Life After Brown Thread now, huh?
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    Screw the job, congrats on finding Mrs. Right! I wish both of you nothing but the best and a very long life together!
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    You dog you- getting engaged to a doctor. Sure beats doing 30 at UPS. Good luck with your future and don't do anything to piss her off (at least not until after its all legal):peaceful:
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    We don't need no stinkin' prenup!
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    Congrats, Tups, and best of luck. Would do the same if in your shoes. Don't look back and take care of your lucky woman like she was gold.
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    Does she have a docor friend?:blushing2:
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    Congratulations with getting out of UPS with your health and sanity. If only I could have found Mr Right before I worked 31 years at Big Brown. I wonder where my wife would be today?
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    :woohoo: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mr Right? Tony, are you batting from the wrong side of the plate?
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    Think about it. No 31 yrs of UPS, someone to go out drinking with and to sporting events with, no pms once a month, the house wouldn't have to be spotless. The only problem is that I would have to be celebate with him and have an understanding that I could have a mistress on the side. LOL
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    Said Sir Paul McCartney before he married Heather Mills:happy2:
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    Probably still wondering why you are looking for Mr. Right.
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    gotta do what the doc says. grats
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    OK, I'll ask. When you called in sick, did you bring in a doctors note? :devil3:
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    Isnt she the one who got the dhl driver two years ago to quit and then the fedx driver:surprised: lot of luck
  18. Hedley_Lamarr

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    I wish I could be a house husband. Then again I'd probably weigh 400 lbs, and drink a half keg every three days...And what's wrong with that??
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When you get there, can you please let a certain Really Old Driver know where this thread is as he has yet to be able to find it.
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