My most bizzare stop...

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    I had a call tag for an apartment complex in an area where mostly Indians live. I showed up to make the pick up, an elderly gentlemen answered the door and spoke NO English. He gestured for me to come toward the bedroom, I thought maybe the package is in there and he can't lift it. So I followed him, when I got there he opened the bathroom door and pointed at the toilet. I thought what the hell is this guy pointing at the toilet for. So a door to the connecting bedroom opens and this younger Indian lady comes out and starts saying in a thick Indian accent "as you can see thees toilet has leeked aul over thee floor and haas rrruined thee tiles on thee floor and neer thee shower." I said "m'am I'm from UPS, I'm here with a call tag, do you have a package for me to pick up?" She persisted "as you caan see theeese tiles are rrruined on the count of theees leeking toilet." I said "I'm sorry about the toilet, but I'm form U-P-S, you know UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, I'm not here to fix the toilet, I'm here to pick up a package if you have one." So she says "oh you are not here to feex the toilet?" At this point I'm contemplating smacking both of them in the head with my DIAD. I said "I AM HERE TO PICK UP A PACKAGE, DO YOU HAVE A PACKAGE FOR UPS TO PICK UP??!!" She says "oh no, we took that packeet tu the drrrop bogx yesterday." So I'm like thanks alot have a good day. And of course I had another call tag for the same place the next day.
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    Back in the days of paper.......

    I had a delivery at a kinda run down section, and the package said signature required. So I knocked. A female voice on the other side of the door said just leave it.

    I told her I cant, I have to have a signature.

    So she opens the door, looks to be in her mid to late teens, and obviously undressed, as she is bent around the back of the door.

    I had her my clipboard and pen. She starts to sign the board, and all of a sudden she starts this swaying motion. Back and forth, back and forth, with ... swinging back and forth. No way someone like that can move like by themselves without falling on the floor. And because of the movement, it is hard for her to stay in the lines.

    Then there was the delivery to the house on the ridge. Long drive up, secluded. Their daughter was home from school cleaning the car. I guess she was hoping to have no tan lines. Anyway, she had no clue I was coming up the drive, she had her earbuds cranked up. It was not until she felt the vibrations of the package car pulling in next to the car that she knew I was there. She tried to hide in the back seat, and of course, I made like I didnt see her.

    Just two of many that I have seen in 30+ years.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I think the most bizarre stop or you can say the most dangerous stop I had was also at a run-down apartment complex. First the apartment hallway was so dark I had to use my cellphone just to light the way. When I finally reach the door I knocked and a woman opened the door with a knife in her hand, while signing for the package I asked "Do you always answer the door armed?". She said she's going through a divorce and her husband is insanely jealous. At that point I started looking over my shoulder and thinking I could be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    After she was done I actually sprinted back to my car, that freaking dark hall really shook me up the rest of the day!
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    Several years ago, while making a C.O.D. delivery, I was standing in the doorway of a resi while the Lady of the house was writing out her check. My peripheral vision caught movement behind the her. As I looked up, the around 17 yo beautiful daughter stopped, smiled, winked and raised her Tshirt to reveal ...well, lets just say I felt like an old pervert for a few seconds.
    All I could do was say....uuuh,,ooh...uuuuuh tttthanks Mrs. Smith.
  5. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    In my limited, wet-behind-the-ears, need more time under my belt 5 weeks of Saturday driving, this last Saturday I had my favorite stop, not so bizarre.

    Had a box, last delivery, addressed to "KJ" in one of the largest malls on the planet. I'm sure that experienced drivers know that expensive stores won't put full names on the box since they don't want their stuff stolen. I didn't know that, took me 1/2 hour to figure out what "KJ" meant.

    Anyway, found the store, pulled up outside, and the woman manager, a very, very attractive lady dressed to the 9s, ran out of the store and yelled "you have a package for me?" Before I could say yes, she gave me the biggest hug I have had in a long time, saying thank you, thank you, over & over. Almost in tears. This is outside, in public, hundreds of people around.

    She had to sign, we went inside, and the assistant manager (female) was, well, just as happy.

    I would make deliveries like that every day, 7 days a week, for alot less pay. Great end to a hot Saturday.
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    Getting tired of reading that in every one of your posts. :/
  7. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Two things;

    1. If I don't say it, the next post has NYS stating it.

    2. Then don't read it
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    Thats great Trplnkl, the closest thing I have ever come to seeing something I'm not supposed to is the 85 year-old MR. Clive's unit sagging out of his underwear when he answers the door in mid 90 degree weather:dissapointed:
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    Back in the late eighties I did a bulk 24 van stop to an apartment.An asian lady got the the entire load to her unit...C.O.D. cash only.In those days we took cash of course....17000.00$ worth of purses in cash slick 100$ bills..Boy, was I glad to get back to the center and count and re-count the turn-in cash envelope..
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    Last year I had a delivery to a little mom and pop video store. They were still closed when I went by the first time so I didn't get back to them until about 7pm. Their was a customer already there waiting, so I figured the cashier was in the back. I waited for a few and the customer kind of shrugged like he didn't know what was going on. I announced myself and waited again. And again there was no answer. So I went to the back of the store, the customer followed. Hollering all the way back, I got no response. I pounded on the bathroom door. No answer. I finally push my way into the bathroom and this 18/20 year old kid was out of it on the floor. I had the customer call 911, fortunately the fire station was less than a block away. It took longer to place the call. As it turns out this kid had a history with drug abuse. The rescue squad knew the guy, they hauled him off to the hospital. One of the paramedics new the owner of the video store and called the owner to come and take over.
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    I delivered some halide grow lights COD to a stoner who was growing weed in his closet. He paid me with a roll of bills that were sticky and smelly with the aroma of green skunk buds. Back then, you would have your supervisor count the money and initial the envelope before you dropped it, and he got a funny look on his face as he was counting my bills and the smell permeated thru the office.
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    Boy you should play the lotto.Your the most luckiest person I know.Only driving for 5 weeks on saturdays and having all these great adventures.
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    never go past front threshold thats the saftey zone
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    Ah, memories...

    Years ago when I was a coverage driver, before 9-1-1 addresses, I was trying to find a rural route. Only 2 houses on that stretch of the road, that shared a lane, barely visable from the highway - one of them had to be the address. I turn off the highway and drive beyond the trees into the clearing and can just make out a naked man shaped like Santa Claus making a mad dash to the house from his lawn tractor. I was so weirded out because he looked like Sasquatch the way he was running that I just left the pkg. without making sure the address was right. The other coverage drivers told me the next morning that it was the right house and he likes to tan while he mows.

    Just last Friday I had a sig. req'd in a very poor neighborhood and the women had dried blood on most of her fingertips and under her nails. No idea why but every reason I can think of is nasty.
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    About 7 years ago at a daily stop, as I walked in the owner she says to me....I'd like to just lay on the bed and know what...she is very attactive but I couldn't do that when I'm married!!! I turned red.
    Now if I said that to a customer I would be out of my driving job and my home!!!!
  16. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Thanks. I've been feeling very lucky lately, maybe I will.