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    Please enlighten me as to are they effective, what situations are they best to be contacted about?

    Tell me your experiences, please!
  2. klein

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    I gave them once a call, and the answer was, as long as you are in the union, they can't help you until the union went thru all procedures on your behalf (and gave up).
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    from what i hear its 50/50
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    The national labor relations board is an agency that can be effective in handling disputes between the company and the union, however, they can be non receptive to complaints from members against locals.

    For the most part, they will advise against taking any action and will refer you back to the union process for remedies. If you want to complain about FTR, you better have more than "my union doesnt like me".

    That will guarantee you this response from the NLRB...... YOU---> " my local doesnt like me" NLRB--->" we'd love to help you out, what door did you come in?""

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    My local won't defend my job if I am fired for misloads. Will the NLRB do something for this?
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    Well, you are entitled to a local hearing, then either a panel hearing or arbitration (depending on your agreements) and if you are never offered either one of these, the NLRB will step in after you file a complaint against the local.

    FTR or Failure to Represent.

    The Union cannot decide your case is not worth hearing. Thats not an option.

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    1st, the union does not recognize missorts.
    2nd if they wont defend you on a simple case like this than they are completely useless and deserve to be voted out.
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    Apparently, the Preload has been told this is the case. This group representing the members of 687 do need to be voted out.
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    I filed a complaint against my union for failing to represent....lets just say the complaint lit a fire under my b.a. ars and thing went the way they should've...u can call and ask bout Nething they will give u the right answered and weather or not they can help