National Defense University (Pentagon Institute) Reports on Iraq War


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"The addition of 30,000 U.S. troops to Iraq last year to halt the country's descent into all-out civil war has improved security, but not enough to ensure that the country emerges as a stable democracy at peace with its neighbors, the report said."

Well Wkmac is this report suggesting we send more troops now?

On a side note from one of our other debates did you see the reports of that little old Al Queada leader saying there were going to win in Iraq and continue to use that country as a staging ground for attacks? If you did just curious what you thought of it.

I think the main quote from it was if the US troops leave they will lose everything. To tie it into the other thread he said Al Sadr was the laughing stock of the world. After listening to the radio interview that you posted would you mind sharing your opinion on this also?



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No comment one way or the other there AV. Saw the article and thought I'd post it for anyone else interested.

c ya!