National Weather Service confirms tornado in Revere

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    11:52 am
    The National Weather service confirms a tornado did strike in Suffolk County in the City of Revere .
    The damage area runs from Rte 16 ( Chelsea Creek area ) up along Broadway to Brown Circle ( rotary where Rte 107 & Rte 16 meet ) .
    There has been no injures reported .
    Houses missing roofs , down trees , crushed cars , power lines down , road closures , all the normal stuff .
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    Way to many of them in ny this year

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I got that alert on my phone. Wasn't nearly as bad where I am. On my ride home tonight, I listened to Dan Rea on the radio. Guess it was pretty bad there!
    I also heard that over the weekend, there was a tornado at Sebago Lake.
  4. I had one about three weeks ago touch down a quarter mike away from me. It went 7.2 miles with crazy damage. If I would have worked a little harder that day I would have been in it. Thank Go I didn't have it that day.
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    "Its the end of the world as we know it,,,,aaaannnnd I feeel fine"
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    We had one a few weeks ago sunday evening. Lots of tree and roof damage, a few commercial buildings and garages badly damaged, but fortunately it never spun up above an F1 (100+ mph winds) and no homes collapsed or blew apart and nothing more than a few cuts and bruises for the people in it's path.

    The first touchdown was a quarter mile south of our hub, where the woods open up into a new clearing where the trees are all twisted, snapped in half, or uprooted, yet those first houses have nothing more than some missing shingles and siding. It looks like the wind was about treetop height right there.

    This twister hit so unexpectedly I'm sure the whole thing would've been over before the hub workers even got the evac order.
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