NBA #1 pick celebrating his 29th anniversary at UPS.

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    At peace? Not on Orion yet?
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    Not always bad to be in his position on the team.
    Get one of the best reserved seats in the house for evey game the team plays, and get paid to be spectator!
    Congrats to this guy for 29 years with this place!
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    Some additional info:

    At 61-years old today, Martin is an accomplished and proud man. Rightfully so – this is a man who worked himself up from driving a UPS truck into a management position in which 18 people report to him. It’s Martin’s responsibility to make sure political leaders in his Illinois district understand what issues are important to UPS from a corporate standpoint. It’s his goal to make sure 11,000 UPS employees in the Illinois district put in three hours of community service each year.

    “My career in business is all about relationship-building,” Martin said when asked about his business success. “In order to get ahead you have to have very good relationship skills.”
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    This guy is tall!
    I met him at a meeting in the 90's (or so).
    I remember him being an ex-basketball player but never knew the details till now.
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    UPS isn't a dream job, but it likely lead to larger lifetime earnings for him than an NBA career.
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    When I was in driver training, we were introduced to a sales guy, when he left, the trainer said that he was a retired pitcher from the Baltimore Orioles.
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    Link is a little misleading as he only drove a package car for 6 months. Typical management non-hacker.

    Former MLB player and World Series champion Gino Cimoli was a driver for 20+ years after he left the bigs in the middle 60's.
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    Aren't we all athletes? It makes me proud to know that I'm at the same company with someone who played the highest level of basketball in the world. 21 years and still going strong!
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    Not at all. UPS can (on occasion) be considered exercise, we as union employees purposely do not work at our all-out fastest, hardest or compete against each other.
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    But management(coaches) would like us to. [emoji3]