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  1. billerz

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    U need to have a killer memory to be an on road sup, that's for sure.
  2. MrBrown

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    "There is no chance of the driver helper position becoming permanent"

    My first peak (2 years ago) we had a helper who I guess distinguished himself and was made a casual and delivered condo associations. After peak he like myself got the call back. He drove for like 6 months and hes now a ft otr sup making full driver rate. So you never know, just saying
  3. TooTechie

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    There is no chance of the driver helper position becoming permanent. Being a good helper can help if you apply to other positions.
  4. Timtron22

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    Just got an email where it says "welcome to the family" and can now access the upsers.com site, but i cannot create a password. I followed the faq, still nothing.
  5. TooTechie

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    Talk to HR
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you do get on as a helper, show up at the meet point dressed and ready to work. Stay off your cell phone and try to take advantage of stops that have public restrooms when that need arises. Bust your butt, impress your driver and you may end up as a permanent hire.
  7. nightman

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    If on the UPS careers site it says they are hiring "PT package handlers" this time of year (peak season) but doesnt mention anything about being seasonal, could I still be let go after peak season? I want to start working for UPS and become a driver one day, but am worried if I apply and start working now Ill be let go in January.
  8. By The Book

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    It all depends on if the UPS location you apply at is going to be needing a permanent employee. The seasonal/peak hires that are working now are being looked at now for these positions, if available. I'm pretty sure at least one of them wants to stay on after peak. There's the real possibility you will be let go after peak.
  9. YouOver

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    Because it's still less than paying drivers overtime at time and a half to do all the extra work. No benefits either. UPS saves tons of money by hiring helpers. That's what this company does- makes money.
    Exactly what time and resources do you think UPS spends to train helpers? An orientation day or two? At least where I am. The rest of the time UPS is getting cheap labor legally.
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    i must be stupid or something because i logged in to get my helper job, then i have been talking with supervisors up there and they promised me a job on the belt if i could apply for it online. i then applied to something called a package handler, which i assume is the right one. secondly, it wont let me actually apply on this website. it says "Thank you for your interest in job opportunities. However our records indicate you are a current employee of UPS. Job opportunities for current employees are posted on www.upsers.com under My Life and Career. For any other questions regarding internal job opportunities speak with your immediate manager." Anyway, i go to this website and cant find any evidence of job opportunities posted under the website.
  11. ThePistol

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    First time poster here...About a month ago I bid for a seasonal driving at my center along with about 4 other people...I work in a large center so I thought I was almost guaranteed to get the bid...now I see that the seasonal position is now posted public on the UPS career website...Am I getting screwed here or what is the deal with this?
  12. Covemastah

    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    Maybe they need a few seasonals for the summer to cover vacations ,, talk to your sup and your steward
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    I recently got discharged. For rolling a package. It was a misload. I was in a rush and made a mistake. I didn't put a scan on it. And put it in the send again car. Did have do it with the intention to be dishonest. I made a mistake yes. Should have sent the misload in when I found it. But I was just in go mode and kept on delivering and set it to the side. Has anyone here been discharged for this and gotten their job back. I'm waiting on the union to tell me when my hearing is. I've been an employee since 2014. A good worker I never complain about a 13 hour day. I go in get my job done and go home. I just made this mistake. I have hid some issues in the past for no scans at a bulk stop or having to many backs and occasionally a record in travel. But nothing really major. I know we have some drivers that have been discharged more than 5 times for rolling or backing into things. For peace of mind. I'm really just asking what are the chances I will win my hearing and get my job back. It's been a week and a half now and hey said my hearing could be anywhere from 2-8 weeks ?? Any respond would be appreciated. Just keep it serious because I'm takin this very serious and I'm trying to get my job back. Thank y'all.
  14. Covemastah

    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    You should of been given a verbal warning , or a warning letters first ! , Not an immediate firing !!
    Did you call the BA down at the hall??
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    What region is Michigan under ?
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    When the guy got back from Vietnam, the ratio was 1/1 not 6/1.
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    That’s not true anymore you can get hired off the street
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    Or, just make :censored2: up
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    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    Usually off the street drivers are the best looking ones , I noticed that when I look in the mirror while shaving

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    Don't you have some shiftin' to do, Mr. Modesty?