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    Hello Everyone I kinda want to vent and need some advice , I've been at ups since 1999. (still part time)I barely make more now than when I started. In my building Management works constantly supervisors on every belt do hardware and rerun's, in small sort 3 supervisors bag the whole shift,and the only shop steward on our shift was bought off by management long ago all he does now is drive around the building handing out waters and drive to the guard shack to pick up pizza's. I constantly have to hear Racial Slurs at work I hear the "N" word forty times a day. I pickoff and when I call out jams my supervisor Ignores me the truck backs out and all the flow goes to the rerun slide ,the more times a package has to go around the building the more likely it is to be damaged.which in the long run hurts the company. so with management working eating up all my time , no shop steward and a horrible sup I am at my wit's end , can you give me some advice/ words of wisdom
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    Nice, 12 years of hell with water and pizzas we should all be so lucky.
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    don't understand how you could barely make more now than when you started. you get raises every year!!!!!!!

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    I think he is saying he has gotten the pay in increases but since management is working he is not getting time in and it sounds like the local he is out of does nothing about it. My question to you WOOD, is why have you not called the local you are out of or go to a meeting about what is going on. Go with the names and times the super sup are working. Tell the the BA and ask questions. Don't stand under the tree and let the crow sh** on your head go and shack the tree. If you are going to pay union dues then why pay them at all if you are going to do is just come here. Go to the hall and let them know and shack the tree. Coming is just fine but stand up and say something. Good Luck.
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    Sounds like your building is a mess. I'd start with timing one of the sups doing hourly work. Jot down his/her name and the exact times worked. Ask your union steward for a grievance form so you can file on the sup. Also make sure you have a copy of your supplement, another item your steward should give you. Use the language in that supplement to write up the grievance.

    Fill out the grievance form. Ask the steward for help so it is filled out properly. Give it to your steward and ask him/her to file it. First, stamp it on the time clock, then ask for a copy.

    You should receive a letter from the union stating the panel date for your grievance. You don't have to attend, the union has someone there to represent you. In our area, if the sup works less than two hours we get the amount of time worked at double our hourly rate. If sup works more than two hours, we get four hours pay at double our hourly rate.

    Now, if for some reason your steward refuses to give you the form or to help you fill it out call the business agent for your local. You don't need to go into detail and/or accuse your steward of anything. Just explain that sups are working daily, you want to grieve it and, for some reason, your steward isn't able or willing to help.

    Good luck with this. I'd hope that your BA would look into the situation and give your steward a kick in the rear. Unfortunately, the union doesn't always do what they say they are there to do. Our own steward is bought and paid for, as far as I'm concerned. But we do have two others who are more on the ball. Again, best of luck and remember, don't get emotional. Stick to the facts and keep it simple.