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    Well first off I would like to say that I respect this company and dont mean to bring negative energy... Long story short I work the Day shift and within the pass year we pretty much work like its peak season everyday...When its not. Aloug side this we have about 8-9 guys on my belt, we used to have a good 11 or so and things were perfect no issues. We came in did our thing and left on-time everyday. Many of the guys left and transferred to other places after this peak in volume.. Sunday is hell because we are the only shift so we work about 6-7hrs one time 8hrs last mouth in May..Its good for guys that dont have other jobs, but for me to make a decent living I cant live off this one job, especally if we are working 2 shifts and still being called part-time, if that was the case we should be doing these hours everyday.. Anyway every "light day" so they say..They drop the same 3-4 guys (Seniority is a b***, because no one wants to stay with this they have one guy load 2 trucks in the HOLE..Which is a very heavy load and the other truck mid/decent but very heavy after break.. and another guy in a lighter truck that gets heavy after break do another load that is mid/heavy at the time hes loading the other truck..It works before break, but no so much after or on a jam/heavy flow(which happens everyday by the min). Pretty much in this case, what happens is if you focus on one truck (the heavy one) the other is fairly clean, no big deal. Then a flow comes and messes up your pace. By the time you try to bounce in and out it gets to the point there is no way to balance it out, definitely when you have to bounce back and forth which is time and the rollers and cuttes are no that great....SO YEAH, things get messy after 15mins of Pretty much we run under staffed and they have the nerve to say if we did 300-400 a hour it can be done.. I have my good days and my bad days, I am human. I might do 500 or more this day or that day doesnt mean Im going to do it everyday. Everytime we work up they keep bumping the volume we get and cut more people also raise pph. Also like to note during the week we are they last to on days the other shifts works we leave 10mins before they start. Sad thing is we bust our asses everyday and they blame us for it and instead of fixing it, they take and take and give us Sups that dont even know what to do, who seem like they come to work without any game plan and just pray for a good day..When I started it was 200pph now its 300-400 onetime they tired 500 or whatever they said it was..Its funny Ive worked the night shift and had Sups tell me Im going to fast and slow down and recycled most of the night on there heavy days, while my day Sups say Im not working fast enough. Very interesting. lol
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    I love lamp.
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    Doesnt matter to me since Im leaving anyway, but I care about the guys on the shift..Would the union do anything? doubt it but worth a shot.
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    That sounds pretty crazy. This whole pph thing really has turned some reasonable managers to having to do unreasonable things. And unreasonable managers to continue unreasonable things lol.
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    go faster. UPS has a habit of rewarding those who go faster with little gold stars in the employee file.
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    ^^ they might as well give the employees those stickers so we can show them off like pokemon badges or something. lol
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    This place is a total cluster &@#* that wastes as much money as it makes.

    Sorry but I'm a little perturbed. I'm only about halfway thru my day.
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    Well, the one positive there is at least you have an opportunity to get an extra shift. It sucks that they're able to write it off as still being part time. But I pleaded to pick up extra shifts anywhere and I'm told not enough seniority, not enough volume (which is bs, it looks like peak sometimes in there). or some other silly reason.
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    When an operation is that understaffed, there are sups working everywhere. The only to way to ensure UPS has fair staffing is to grieve supervisors working. If a belt is able to do, say, 10k in volume every night with 11 guys working and then they start getting the same amount done with 10 guys or even 9 guys because sups are doing more and more, then the staffing will be set at 9.

    That's how UPS works. You reward hard working employees with even more hard work.
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    I lost you at long story short.
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    Poorly spelled thread title and long paragraph=next topic.