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  1. Just wondering if everyones routes are alot hevier these days from the routes being cut, and using helpers in street clothes. This is getting out of hand, I put up a 8 hr. request for Fri. and I did not get it. I go out with 160-185 stops daily and I ask for a 8 hr. request that I am allowed to to use twice a month and they do not honor it is BS. So I put up another 8 hr. for next Fri. just to see what happens. I am going to file on this uneccesary extra work load. I mean all metro drivers are going out heavy , but I get the extra 30-40 more then anyone .
    I will listen and willing to hear any advice you guys have I am ready to file to try and stop this. I just do not see how they are saving any money by cutting the same 3 routes everyday and then using part timers as helpers that are working 8-12 hrs. a day, and paying Ft drivers 10 plus hrs. of OT.
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they have to honor 8 hour requests. I'm too lazy to get my contract book, but the language is vague and there is no real recourse.

    Bang in next Friday.
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    The language is vague on purpose, so that the contract can get violated all the time. That sounds crazy that they are using Helpers in the Summer like that, I'm glad they aren't doing that here. Good advice on just calling in on Friday. You can tell them that you are just too exhausted from the heat and excessive hours and are taking yourself out of service for safety's sake. We all know how important safety is with UPS.....
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    If they don't honor your 8hr file a grievence.
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    good advice... sometimes its the only recourse..... if you dont put it in writing, then they did not violate anything. They will deny its a problem when it gets to a higher level...

    8 hr request language isnt all that vague. Article 37... Basically, if you dont get your 8 hrs, you have a grievance. If it takes you longer than 8.5 hrs then you can grieve for penalty pay also.
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    Bad advice in my opinion. Ask for a 8 hr day, then suspiciously become "too exhausted," call in to the center, get discipline for failure to follow instructions is a bad idea.
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    Bad Advise is right.

    If your going to call in you tell them your sick, or just say I'm booking off you don't need to tell them anything else. Don't try to come up with some new improved reason for calling in a simple I won't be in work the best.
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    I guess that other areas of the country have different language, but where I am at the company is required to pay helpers at the full driver rate except during peak season.

    If we are short on drivers then the preloaders/hub workers are offered the work in seniority order and they are more than happy to do it. And the company is not required to negotiate with the union over the number of helpers used, since no one is being laid off or making less money as a result.
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    this is the best advice as per article 37 put it in writing 5 days in advance and if you work more than 8.5 hours you put in a grievence for a 2 hour penalty. you are allowed 2 per mounth except durning peak. i have a driver that puts in for his 2 every month and after losing twice and paying the penalty he never has a problem with getting his 8 hour day.
  10. This is not only about my 2 hr request, great info thanks I will be filing if it's disapproved again. The thing about it is I put it up 5 days prior and they never approve or disapprove it. This also about the the extra work they give me and them cutting routes, I think I will file every day i have more then my 8 hrs. work.....
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    Are you actually working over 9.5? If so then file for the triple time, I guarantee it will clear up in a hurry. If all you're doing is making more bonus though, you really don't have much of a case.
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    the cutting of routes and the crazy hours is happening everywhere as you can tell by the threads on the brown cafe. if you want to cut out the overtime talk to your steward about the opt out language in article 37. you have to sign up and they can not dispatch you with more than 9.5 hours of work. we have had 3 or 4 drivers do it successfully in my building.
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    Chicken That Screams, 8-hour requests are processed by your Steward (and the Center Manager.) Are you saying even with the Steward involved, you are not getting your signed approval/disapproval notice by the end of the following workday? And not getting your 2-hour penalty pay either?
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    You are 100% correct in that the cutting of routes is killing us drivers. This is why I have mixed feelings about the 8 hour request. If you need to get out early for an event than that's great. If you do it every other friday because you don't wan't to be over-dispatched, then I might have a problem with you.

    Where do you think that work goes? Is it suddenly evaporated by the package Fairy? Obviously not. It goes to your fellow drivers. Now, we get a split from your route on Friday because you don't want to work late on Friday. The 8 hour request only screws the drivers and I think its a bad addition to the contract.

    Either you want to come to work at UPS for the day or you don't. There should be no getting out early at the expense on another driver staying late. How is that fair? I'm working until 830 on Friday because you want to punch out at 530 because the contract says you can twice every month.

    I don't like it. If you need to get out early then you should be forced to take the entire day.

    When you put this notice in do you ever think about the other 3 drivers in your loop? Maybe they wanted to finish by 7? Now they are working until 8 because YOU are sick of working until 8 on fridays. It just seams like a selfish clause in the contract and if we are a group of teamsters meant to stick together then we shouldn't request 8 hours for the sole purpose of finishing early on a friday. It forces 3 other drivers to work late for 1 selfish driver's reason.

    How is this fair?
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    BH, I think you are playing right into managements hands when you blame your brother for their overdispatching you. Nobody's asking to get out early, they're asking to get out in 8 hours. Eight hours is not early!
    It's a rotten situation, the Friday route cutting. But our staying out late is not the fault of any driver.

    Trust me, I know how you feel. I punched out at 21:15 last Friday. But I know who to blame.
  16. jimstud

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    100% that is what management wants is us to cut each others throat. if you want an 8 hr day everyday you are in the wrong line of work but to ask for 2 a month is not that much
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    UPS is breaking out the Champagne once again. They have successfully programed yet another mind to blame your fellow workers for having normal desires to exercise what few contractual rights they have.

    UPS is obligated to allow 10% of drivers to have an 8-hour day each day. Each driver gets two 8-hour days per month (excluding November and December.) Therefor the requests should be spread out evenly throught the month. It is up to UPS, not the driver, to determine the overall dispatch plan. UPS, not the driver, determines how much work is on each car, and if work will be shifted from one route to another at the start or end of the day. Since the 8-hour requests are predictable, UPS could easily hire additional drivers to handle the work. They choose not to and dump the work on you. They know you'll blame your fellow worker, not them.

    The same process applies when employees take vacations, sick days, personal holidays, brevement leave, FMLA leave, maternity leave, or are on TAW, or Worker's Comp, or have jury duty. UPS, not the driver, decides overall how much to load up the cars, then decides route by route how much to overload specific cars. UPS, not the drivers, decide how many routes and drivers to schedule.
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    Did you file for a 9.5?
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    yesterday i heard the center manager and a on car laughing because the planned day for the center was 9.7. in another thread the question was raised does ups care about the morale of its people ? what do you think ?
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    Brownie, I understand your point of view but ..................... I have to agree with Ovah on this one. We have drivers that come in under 8 hrs every day, while others are still out at 9 and 10 hrs. THAT is what is not fair. Of course it's the R & G ones that are coming in early. They are the ones that screw everyone else. I take my 8 hr requests when I can get them but I have to wade through 10 or 12 drivers that are over me to get them. If my getting my 8 hr requests forces a runner to work a little longer then, as far as I am concerned, OH F WELL.