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  1. okay today is friday im layed off for the day. i get a call from sup at 130 pm asking if i on wed was at this address at 4 on wed b/c the lady of this buisness says a ups truck me knocked her mirror off her van. well i wasnt n that parking lot at 4 but i was at1230 but i didnt back or ne thing it is like a loop driveway in on side out the other. and her van is parked to far for me to clip her mirror. should i be worried that ill get in trouble for someting i didnt do. y did she wait 2 days to call ups and the guy that ran it thursday had 36 pu's and only scheduled for 33 so he had to have had3 oca. so should i mention that to see pu log from that day or dont say ne thing unless they tallk 2 me again next week.
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    Hopefully, you just answered, "No, I was not there at 4:00".
    Say nothing else unless THEY bring it up again. And if they do, INSIST on your shop steward being present.
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    It's not uncommon for the general public to blame us for things we didn't do because it doesn't require a shred of evidence.
    I got blamed for causing an accident in my feeder truck when I supposedly made a U-turn where a service road meets the primary road. I wasn't there at that time.
    All our trucks look the same so the alleged victim/scammer has an array to chose from.
    Dump trucks and concrete trucks get alot of claims of broken/cracked windshields from people who want a free windshield.
    I wouldn't say anything until they approach you. If/when they approach you I would ask for representation.
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    Just say no!

    I had a cutomer call in to say I broke their screen door on an overly windy day. I left the package, which was bigger than a shoe box, next to the door which had already been broken in the wind before I hd goten there. There was no way I could have fit the package in between the doors anyway. I merely told the sup that it was broke when I got there and where I put the package. Never heard about it again. Just some jerk trying to get UPS to pay for a door that was probably already broken.
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    I would've said "I'll talk to you the next time I report for work". They should've put you on the clock for this. I realize for those who are supervisors you need to get a response. But I've worked as an OMS (while I was on light duty) and was easily able to say to customers "this driver is on vacation" or "This driver is off today" and then follow up with "I will contact you as soon as they return to work". Never had a problem with doing this.

    Yes, TONS of customers look at ole brown as having deep pockets. Funniest case I ever saw was about 14 years ago. Was delivering to a private high end golf and country club estates (gated of course). Had a driveway I couldn't drive down (sharp corner) so walked the package in. Water guy had been there earlier, there were like 8 jugs sitting on porch. Guess what? Here bushes going down to house were flattened. Of course it's the UPS guy, not the water guy. Here's the kicker. I was delivering in a P5. The dirt had DUALLY marks. LOL. My sup even tried to charge me with an accident on it, until I kindly pointed that out to him. All I got was "Wow, I must've missed that".
  6. yea thats all i said that i wasnt there at 400 i was there at 12- 1230 and at 4 i was at a pick up and he said thats what i thought and said thanks and hung up and never heard ne more. so hopefully they check the pu log and see that iwas somwere else at the ti me she says a ups truck ripped her mirror off if she didnt see it then how she know a ups truck did it
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    Perfect Advise. If they push further have the steward get your SPARKS report for the day in question. It will show the time for all stops for that day. Remember that THE MAN is always watching and this goes in favor of the honest employee. You are telling the truth... right.
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    my sup would have replied " OH REALLY", with a look of a turtle!
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    Don't EVER accept a phone call like this at you HOME on YOUR OWN TIME!

    You ALWAYS need representation in a case like this and you can't get that with a phone call, AT YOUR HOUSE, NO LESS!!!

    Good advice from others. Wait to see what happens. Don't ever bring it up! If it is brought up by them, go get the steward, IMMEDIATELY !
  10. yes i am telling the truth just makes me nervous knowing how ups is. dont want that target on my back.