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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by ImpactedTSG, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. ImpactedTSG

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    I am planning on taking the wife and kids to disneyworld this summer. I am looking at the Lowes Royal Pacific Resort. Has anyone ever stayed there? They have packages where you can get theme park access. How many different parks do they have there? I am going to fly and get a cab from the airport if there is enough to do within walking distance of the hotel. Any advice anyone can give me is much appreciated! :happy2:
  2. Ms.PacMan

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    I have that hotel booked in March. It's actually an on-property hotel for Universal Studios. It's at the entrance of Citywalk near Margaritaville.

    Disney World has their own on-property hotels that come with free transportation to the Disney theme parks.

    Go to

    They love Disney and will help you plan your vacation. They know everything!
  3. UPSNewbie

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    When I went in '05, we went to MGM, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. Along with Universal.

    I really wasn't a big fan of MGM. Epcot I absolutely loved. We walked around the "world" several times to see what we missed before.
  4. stevetheupsguy

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    They know everything? I beg to differ, MsP, you are a fountain of Travel knowledge. How'd I ever get talked into being the Cruise Director?:wink2:
  5. over9five

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    You're doing an awesome job, Steve. When we get there, I will call you Julie!
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    Thanks Doc, or is it Gopher?
  7. over9five

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    I'm too cool to be them. I'll have to be Isaac!
  8. stevetheupsguy

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    Alrighty then, no umbrella in my drink, please.
  9. over9five

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    I had that same mustache.....
  10. stevetheupsguy

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    So did my older brother. Couldn't find his picture, so I gave myself one.
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    I love vacations! I only wish there were more bouncing smilies to convey my enthusiasm!!

    What I really want to do is go on an African safari and the more people that go the cheaper it is - I'll be in charge of that trip okay?

    Back to the cruise - you are doing a super job!
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Looks like those Moai on Easter Island.

  13. dilligaf

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    Tatooooooo the plane boss the plane

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Don't forget to try the find the "Hidden Mickey's" around Disneyworld.
  15. 705red

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    Visit epcot! Nothing like having a drink in every country! Except france of course! Got to go get some freedom fries!