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  1. heresjohnny90

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    Hello, i have just been given the opportunity to go driving after 5 years. My class is to be held the week after next. Upon my visit to get my DOT, the doctor asked me what medication i am currently taking. I told him i was on celexa and trazodone (an anti depressant and a sleep aid). He told me i would have to get a paper signed by the doctor prescribing the medication.. So, i went to my doctor and i told the secretaty he needed to sign the form. She said it would be signed the next day and i would need to pick it up. Upon my arrival, the doctor disnt sign it, and left a note saying i would need to see a psychiatrist to sign it.. and he left a list of them. Only problem is tbat it takes 3-4 weeks to see one. Anyways, i booked an appointment to see him the following day to ask him why he cant sign it since he is the one prescribing the meds. The next day i saw him and he told me he doesnt want to sign it in case i get in an accident, kill someone and in court they find him accountable due to the medication (you take these before bed..) i said, "so you dont feel comfortable with me taking these meds because you think im a risk to others, and you have had me on these for months while i have been driving everyday..?" And he looked like he was about to cry and said he didnt want to lose his practice and his house and license... so, now it seems like i have one of two options... discontinuing the meds or taking him to court.. i dont know what to do ... any insight is greatly appreciated.
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    You're going to sue the dr for not signing something?....yeah stay on the meds
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    The fact that he feels I'm not safe enough to drive while I'm on medication, yet he has been prescribing them to me... I just want the damn thing signed so i can get on with my life
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    Get a new Dr for one. Have that one determine your medication needs. Make sure you're not prescribed something just because the Dr gets a kickback from the drug company.
  5. ChickenLegs

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    It could be he doesn't feel you are safe to drive a tractor or pc. Actually, his feelings may not even matter. The medicine might have a warning against operating heavy machinery - which would be wreckless of him to sign for.

    Yes, I know a car can be just as dangerous...
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    I asked him to write a note saying I am no longer taking the medication, and I brought it to the DOT place, and they said they could give me my DOT card because of that, but I dont want to discontinue the meds... Im just worried of UPS finding out for whatever reason that I'm on medication without notifying them and possibly being fired for lying
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    Im sure there are plenty of drivers who take medication for whatever reason throughout the day with a warning such as that
  8. Baba gounj

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    Almost everyone I know at UPS is taking something .
    And don't worry about lying , mgt does it to everyone every time they open their mouths .
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    Just try to cheer up a little
  10. Integrity

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    Did you tell your doctor you were going to stop taking them so he would give you the note?

    Why don't you want to discontinue taking the meds if the doctor thinks it a viable option?

    Is your BC ID in reference to The Tonight Show or the movie The Shining?

  11. STFXG

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    You're going to end up in prison if you get in a serious accident and lied on your dot...
  12. heresjohnny90

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    I was able to have another doctor sign for it since mine is a pusillanimous. Thanks for your responses. And, yes, Integrity, my name is in reference to The Shining lol
  13. Lineandinitial

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    I think there is a thread where you can find love, compassion and advice for everything that may be bothering you.

    Just "Ask DS for Advice" and you may be able to throw down that Celexa and walk away as a happy person. If DS can't help you with advice you can occupy yourself with answering the question: "who would win in a fight, a dog or a monkey"...Good luck

  14. Wally

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    No way in hell I'm signing off on a DOT for anybody on these meds! This is heavy duty meds were talking about here!

    If you are on this stuff you must have a llot of problems. Are you sure you want to go through all the daily stress? I kid you not, when you first start, it's tough, really tough! You want to add depression?
  15. heresjohnny90

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    I have no noticeable side effects at all whatsoever for the past year i've been taking this medication. Overall, I'm just a more productive, happier person. I dont think you know what you're talking about.
  16. Johney

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    Just because you are prescribed certain drugs does not mean you can or should be taking them while driving. If involved in an accident with injury or death you will be tested. If you test positive for something you could be charged with DUI manslaughter. I don't know the type of drugs you are taking but you need to see if you are allowed to drive with them in your system during the day. Again during the day. Certain prescriptions can be in your system but when tested they will know when you had last taken it by the levels of it in your system.
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    You don't need to be driving, I don't want someone's death on your conscience because you want to be "happy". Find another job where you don't drive a weapon around for living if you want to continue with your meds. Oh, and stop blaming a Dr for not signing a release form stating you don't take the meds anymore when you plan on continuing them, *.
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  18. Wally

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    Feeders guys may have better input on this. Is there a list of banned medications?

    Many not on meds have found this job way too stressful and quit. Can you take this stress? You will be dumped on routes you don't know with crap loads, maybe 5 different routes in a week. Management will be on your tail. Peak is coming, stops like you've never seen! You will be working in all types of weather and the dark-part of the day in winter. Being on meds, I have my doubts. Messing around with serotonin levels is tricky stuff.
  19. UnsurePost

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    You have no idea what you're talking about. Trazadone for one is very weak and practically non-addictive.

  20. If your story is 100% accurate, I'd see a lawyer immediately, you might have a case.