Need knowledge about higher seniority moving to my shift putting me out of work

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Eric Allen, Apr 14, 2016.

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    Little more info would help.
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    Grab my hand.
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    I thought that was how seniority was supposed to work?
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    Okay ... This will make the fourth local sort guy coming to my preload shift.. And he will be bumping me completely out of work .. Is this possible ??? I have six years on preload ??
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    Not complaining just would like to know how this works ???
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    So you are the lowest seniority person? You will not be out of work if you bump the person lower than you for your guarantee.
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    im the second guy from the lowest person on my preload .. And this is a preload with normal eight man /nine crew .. And management has recently brought four guys with higher seniority Off of local sort to the shift an this four guy is bumping completely out work ...
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    I dont know how your supplement is, but in our center local sort cannot bump into preload or vica vera. They can cover if needed, but thats it
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    I can't explain all this in forum ...... Management posted a bid sheet. Sayin preload shift .. Four guys from local sort signs the bid with higher seniority .. And bumps me completely out of work ? When only two guy are needed on the preload shift . How can they bump me out of my shift .. I thought seniority is lost when shift is changed
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    Ups is starting to be some bull :censored2: .. An I know where the door is
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    Definitely complaining. No worries, I would be too.
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    Is this possible ? I need to know . Can I file on this
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    Do you not lose shift seniority when moving shifts ???
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    Read your contract.
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    Typically moving shifts one does not lose seniority as long as it's within same building, Id file anyhow, if they moving to local sort to preload why can't you work local sort? I know my area this wouldn't be tolerated
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    When I transferred shifts, I kept my building seniority but went to the bottom of the lost for sort seniority
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    In my building if you move shifts you go to the bottom.

    Honestly I think you're getting screwed. How can they put up a bid sheet for positions that are already filled?? That makes no sense to me.
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    Well,,, I don't know what contract supplement and/or local rider you are under; so the best place for answers/advice is probably in writing in those documents, or an established past practice that should be available (in writing) from your Local Union office (business agent) and the company Labor department.

    Short answer: In my Local they would retain building seniority, but would not be able to use it to 'bump' existing employees out of their positions (see below). If you're being 'laid off', make them do it the right way including explaining your options (take notes, have a witness (preferably a steward or a trusted coworker)), and file for unemployment compensation if it comes to that. And hold them to proper 'return to work' notification (probably covered in your contract). Unless it's in your contract, you shouldn't be 'on-call' (unless for some reason you want to be, such as working 1 day a week to maintain health insurance). File a grievance about it to make sure it (the grievance) is done in a timely manner. The grievance could be put on hold or withdrawn 'with rights' (to refile and still be considered timely).

    TL/DR: heres how some different scenarios might work in my Local (and my contract language is probably not the same as yours, so this may or may not apply to you):
    • If these local sort employees are 'bidding' into preload because they would like to change shifts, they would only do so if a vacancy exists. They would not bump any current seniority preload employee out of their position. They would retain their seniority date, and be able to use that if any other position opened up ('preferred job' language). If, in the future it came to layoffs on the preload shift, their seniority dates would (apparently), place them above you.
    • If they are being 'laid off' of the local sort, they would be allowed to displace ('bump') the lowest seniority employees on the preload (or file for unemployment). Now in practice here, the lowest seniority employee is the 'unborn Teamster', meaning the as-yet unhired employee; typically would be an unloader or preloader but they could be put anywhere as long as no current preload shift employee gets bumped.
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  20. greengrenades

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    I would imagine they can only do this if there is a vacancy or their spots are being removed. Other then that they can't just come in and bump you off. I suggest you read up on it, and if that is the case file on it.