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    The center I am working at right now is becoming a mess. We are considered the worst one in the state. It has become a battle between management and union employees. Lately, we have had more and more "suits" coming in and judging our every move. We recently lost our biggest client. They originally told us that it was because we charge too much as apposed to Fed Ex but I knew that wasn't completely the case. Well, they finally said it was misloads, damaged packages, cost, etc. I think it is because they are trying to cram too much flow down the belts, in a short amount of time which causes packages to get damaged, and we can't handle it and they won't hire anyone else. They are starting to make the start times a lot later than usual and I hear about people getting sent home, etc. Today at work, I noticed a couple of these "suits" throwing bulk up (by themselves) and management complaining to us to hurry and throw 100+ pound bulk up quickly "to make the pull times" or I wonder if its to get us off the clock. But, come on! That is heavy when you are lifting it by yourself and they won't find you help. The pressure they have been putting on us is getting out of control. They don't care about safety at all. Today, a girl at work felt that she pulled something really bad because she couldn't lift her arm all the way up and said the pain was getting unbearable. Well, my manager decided to play doctor and told her to lift her arm up and down and then told her that she was fine. I assumed he got his degree at the same college as Dr. Phil, but that is besides the point. I know that a lot of my co-workers are getting upset about the whole management mess. I know I probably sound like a cry baby but is this something that we should go to the union steward for? I never hear about greivances getting filed and it makes me wonder if there is consequences for filing. Am I going to have to worry about management trying to find ways to fire me. How come no one is taking action but everyone is upset? Leave a comment if you have advice or just let me know if I am being a baby and I will leave it at that.

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    What type of advice are you looking for? Sounds to be like a run-of-the-mill AM at any UPS facility. :D
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    I am wondering if people started filing grievances, then would management back off and let us do our jobs correctly? Or would they find ways to get back at us? I just thought that customer satisfaction is supposed to be the number one priority in this company, but it seems to be all talk. I have never filed and I don't know anything about it. I don't want to bug my steward if I can get some good answers on here. Is it like this at most hubs/centers?
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    Do you live in a third world country?? Sure sounds like it.
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    Listen, Saugie, you and me are gonna catch a lot of flack over this one but bear with it, as I do.

    First of all, what do you think a steward is for? Your steward is kinda like a watchdog. There are violations? The steward is notified and he/she talks to management. They don't wanna listen, then he/she has you fill out a grievance and it's turned in to be arbitrated, first locally, then at state panel, then at JAC, if need be.

    You say you and others are forced to lift "over 70's" by yourself? Do you know what the contract says? In short, it says you are not required to do this without bargaining unit help. Period! It's in black and white. And remember, THE UNION AND THE COMPANY BOTH signed this agreement, meaning both sides have to abide by it.

    As for the girl that was forced to lift her arm and be "diagnosed" by the center manager or whoever, that was her bad. She could have demanded to be taken to the hospital, ON THE CLOCK. When confronted with that possibiliy here, most supes, CMs, and others have backed off and let it go.

    As for retaliation following the filing of a grievance, do you perform your job? Do you follow all the methods? Sure, you WILL have a target on your back for a while, but if you do everything right, what can harm you. Okay, some will get on here and say you can get fired for anything, no matter if you're doing things perfectly or not but that is what fair labor practices are for. You have a process to go through and if you are wrongly terminated, it is the companys responsiblity to PROVE your wrongness without a doubt.

    On a personal side note, here, I probably file more grievances than anybody in our department. No, I'm not a steward. Why do I file so many grievances? Because I follow the contract. Simple. I only file when I know I'm right. I only file when I know the company is wrong. I do my job better than the supes or CMs could EVER do. I follow all the methods, rules, regs. Simple. I know I have a target on my back, but, you know what? I don't care. I over heard a situation a couple months back that made me laugh. An hourly with more seniority was ready to punch out, along with myself. The supe asked me first if I wanted to go back out and make a pickup, without consulting the senior driver first (feeders). I said no, the senior said yes. Later, while walking down the stairs, I over heard the senior nailing the supe why he asked me first if I wanted the xtra work. The supe said they have to be careful with me because I file on everything! Well, in this case, his procedure was wrong, but I thought it was funny.

    In short, make em do right, but, you also must do right!
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    Saugie333, How long has your center been the worst in the state & how did it get that way? I think everyone that has been at UPS over 10 years has seen the good, bad & ugly happen in their Center. It was not the hourly that caused the change in my experience.
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    I am not sure how long but that is what I keep hearing from the combos and some of the supervisors. They say its because of management. We recently got a new district lady and I guess she told some people that she would like to fire as many supervisors that she can. Not sure about all that though.
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    Sounds like my Center. What state is this?
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    Times have changed. We were always told we were the "least best". There was no such thing as worst. Use the union and work within the methods. If you let them intimidate you, they will just get worse. Once everyone starts getting hurt because they are rushing and not following methods, they'll start harping on injuries and accidents. Then they will start handing out warning letters on those. If you are using the methods and working at a good pace, they can't do much. It's not worth your health(physical & mental) to push further than is safely possible.
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    Talk to your steward and also the safety members. There should be a safety concern log where you can write concerns. Any time a employee has a work related injury it must be reported the same day. As long as the girl reported the injury she should be ok, make sure she is keeping good notes about the incident. Look for the sups performinhg bargaining unit work, and ask in a grievance to get paid for supervisors working. Your grievance should include who, what, when and where. Only file on one sup and get other employees to file if more than one sup is working. I would not try and fight it all by yourself. Fire one grievance and crawl in :censored2: and wait.