Negiotations-How do they know why it got voted down?

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    Ok I read the flyer that Hoffa mailed out to everybody. Here is my thing...I think there are MORE reasons that people voted down the locals than just healthcare! How about the 9.5 language? Its PURE TRASH! I don't care how you spin it-OH the company will no longer be able to load you up the other 2 days....Can anybody else see how this is going to be monitored? Who is going to say you are loaded up or if you aren't? They sure as heck aren't going to listen to a driver so that little gimmick written in the book=PURE TRASH!

    9.5 Language only pertains to those with 3 years=TRASH! That's just absolutely stupid! EVERYBODY pays union dues, and should be treated the SAME!

    Tell me how they came to the conclusion that healthcare was the only things that needed to be re-discussed? I don't remember getting asked, nor do any of the other drivers I work with.

    I haven't been with UPS for 20 years like a lot of guys but I can tell you this. In the time I have worked for them I have seen morale take a DUMP! Working hard is just part of this job, but the hours that they are forcing us to work is getting to the point that its just insane, and unsafe. OH but safety first right???
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    Hoffa/hall, a winning team.
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    IBT hired an outside agency to poll members in locals that voted their supplements down. Healthcare was the primary reason for the majority of the "NO" votes.

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    ​Yup. Safety first, when expecting a keter audit.
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    It got voted down......because we got sold out!..Im voting NO. an. NO again!.........Just in case I wasnt Crystal clear.........F..NO
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    First of all they are working you like a dog because you let them. This is not I repeat not a production job. Those numbers they show you when your route doesnt plan are there numbers that they can change anytime they want. If you want to play with them, the next time you get a three day ojs ride or what ever they want to call it, look how nice your truck is loaded and look what the route plans. At the end of the 3rd day ride before you clock out go into your info screen on the diad and delete the ojs code. If they ask you about it all you did was clock out. Your route will be at least an hour over allowed. Then they will want to ride with you a 4th day in which you file a grievance on to prevent the ride. I love it when that happens. Your sup will be in there trying to exllain to the center manager why your route is an hour over allowed. If you dint think they can change those numbers try it and see.


    5 years ago tell me what the planned day was compared to now? They keep us on the threshold of 9.5 daily whether you let them or not. I file every single time I am over 9.5 3-5. This stops per car kick is rotten and we all know it. Even management knows it. I think even the higher up guys know it. They are just too ignorant and proud of their own stupidity that they refuse to look at it from a better financial standpoint. We all hear about the record profits UPS makes a year right? Look at things this company could do to save money AND make it a better place to work AND run smoother.

    The IBT apparently didn't poll any of the centers I know of. I have talked to 3 in my local and none of them were polled. Don't get me wrong healthcare is at the top of the list but my gosh shouldn't 9.5 and harassment be neck and neck with it?
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    While you're being "crystal clear" let me be clear. Are you willing to go on strike over something like this? A no vote might as well be a strike vote. The company is not going back to the table. You didn't get sold out. Its called negotiations. In 25 years I've never had a contract that is perfect. Quit and find me one and I'll go with you.
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    I seldom work a day over 9 hours. It depends where you work.
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    I worked 41 hours this week. Hmmmmmmmmmm! Those who can be intimidated will be intimidated.
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    Just to clarify...... You're voting "no"?