Never ever let your guard down

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  1. bubsdad

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    We had a very seasoned driver get into an accident today and unfortunately I was the steward that had to sit in with him when he returned to the hub. This guy was 1 month away from "Cicle of Honor" status and a lapse in judgement cost him that recognition. It was just one of those "freak" things that happen, but it did happen. Luckily, noone was hurt in the accident and things could have been alot worse. I know how it is to get very comfortable in driving the same routes everyday and taking things for granted but we need to remind ourselves that behind the wheel is not the place for complacency. Sometimes when they ask,"What are the 5 seeing habits?", it seems like a pain in the butt, but it is for a reason. What happened to this driver could happen to any driver on any given day. But if we keep our awareness up, hopefully, it won't.
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    Thanks for the advice. I feel like that same advice is given daily at our center. Sometimes to the point where it's background noise as well. I hope UPS didn't fire your driver.
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    1 month away from getting his picture taken wearing the Century21 jacket? They should give it to him anyway even if it is his fault. 24 years 11 months of accident free driving has saved the company a lot of money.. . . .but I'm sure they will forget about all that:wink2:
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    I totally agree about not letting your guard down. I was two months away from 24 years when I took a mirror off of a car next to me while pulling away from a stop. The problem? I was out of my routine and didn't look over my left shoulder before pulling away. Fortunately, the accident was minor and I only go back to 23 years. You never stop learning.
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    ......but be sure to keep your SPORH up!
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    And aren't you telling the truth!!!
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    I thought "Circle of Honor" was done away with anyway so whats the loss? (other that personal pride)
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    I think they are still gonna recognize them for it, put it on UPSERS.COM, LOL they may even take a pic of them wearing the Blazer but will take it back after the photo OP.
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    I would hope nobody would allow UPS to take away their pride. 24 years 11 months is pretty impressive regardless.
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    keep up with personal pride. if they keep letting liars like **********and ************manage the company, ups will go the way of rea express.
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    Why he won't get any more money for getting into circle of honor.. just gets nice gold jacket that he can wear once a year to a dinner.

    Accidents happen and that is why they are called accidents..
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    Sorry to hear that. One month away, wow.
    Your point is well taken though that anything can/will happen. I am around 15 years safe driving now and my las 'unavoidable' was last peak when I was returning to the center. I was in a group of cars waiting for a light to change (right lane, e-brake on, covering the brake, etc., ) a pick-up truck backed into the rear of my vehicle from an adjacent parking lot. The kicker??
    The pick-up was un-manned. The guy who owned it was putting something in the front seat when he, quotation fingers, "knocked it into gear". Anyways, In the accident report I was hit by an un-manned vehicle.
    What was funnier was my center manager trying to come up with something to review with me about the accident. For those who have been involved in these before, the accident report for UPS purposes always includes a section that specifies what the driver did wrong and how they can fix it. I made a crack that the only way I wasn't getting hit by that pick-up was if I called in sick that morning.
    He wasn't amused...
  15. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    LOL. I was.
  16. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    Seems like bad things snowball. Had a driver flip his pup Tuesday night and then our top seniority driver, (43 years safe driving) flipped back box of a set of 45's Thursday morning. Both said they swerved to miss deer. It is a natural reflex, but you would be better off hitting the deer.
  17. Covemastah

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    I was told by mngment to hit deer head on never to swerve!! It makes sense,deer will ping off of the rig.The last thing you ever want to do is swerve a top heavy tractor trailer,especially if you got a set. Its hard to do because of instinct,but better to kill the deer than to lose control & kill an innocent motorist or worse,yourself!
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    I was broadsided by a Ford ranger about 7 years ago(+-) and told the safety manager that was trying to sell me on the accident as being avoidable the same exact line. He tried to laugh it off and told I was being ridiculous. I told him I was dead serious. I grieved it and beat that fat slob at the sit-down. Even the police said it was the other vehicles fault and issued tickets. Safety is a joke.:angry:
  19. feederdriver06

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    Yep....been there.... not fun seeing a deer coming at you at 65mph and knowing your gonna blast the hell out of it. But better to deal with the deer flotsam than dumping the set and having to deal with answering for that.
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    Could not agree more.