Never mind thr mule!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsfred, Mar 22, 2003.

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    I just heard of a new plan to condense all del. routes beginning this year. Where there may be three vehicles in one area it will be done by two. More stops and less miles. I guess we can forget lunch now. Anyone else had this happen yet?}
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    We got to be careful how much info we're putting up in here. I wonder how many FedEx exec's come here looking for info on how to beat us in this game.

    Brown Cafe is a good source to communicate with other employees, but I wonder if it's hurting us at the same time ?? (no offense Cheryl)
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    We just had something like this in our center. Of course it had also been roughly 15 years since we had a time study here, and the center had grown from 3 to 22 drivers in that time, so I don't think it was part of any new initiative as much as it was something that was long overdue. Everyone loves it except for the guy who has no life after work and needed the 10+ hours of OT that was going straight into his liver. Oops did I type that?!?![​IMG]