New Recruits Beware


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Look face facts.

1. You obviously sucked bad enough that the supes did not trust you to drive. (Pathetic and I really mean that)

2. Your attitude is the drizzling :censored2:s. I cannot imagine why they did not want you around.

3. You hired on for a seasonal/temporary job. Do you know what those two words mean? Do they imply full time permanent? No I don't think so.

4. The only time you drove alone was to the airport and back. Big accomplishment. Mommy and Daddy must be ecstatic.

5. You have zero clue of how UPS works and your contract "knowledge" and I'm really stretching that word is laughable at best.

Grow up and face the fact that you worked exactly what you were hired for seasonal/temporary. You could have been kept on past that but there may have not been a need for you past prime weeks or and I'm all of our opinions not a want for you.

God help whoever has to put up with such a retched person as you on a daily basis.


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Why do you think anybody cares about what you think or who you are? I don't!



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The larger of two centers in the area...about 25-30 routes...same amount of FT drivers - the rest cover drivers (five and under)...
Yeah, u probably wasn't the "cream of the crop" in your class... that small center has more leeway in choosing which ones in your class to keep & disposed of the rest. Did u stay in touch with your classmates???

Sux that they didn't tell you what flaw u did besides being confrontational to that on road sup, so u can learn from it & move on.

Maybe he was testing u when told to do an unsafe maneuver??? I would've shut it down, unbuckle the seat belt and say, "u back this big brown truck unsafely..."

no idea since most of us can't get the big picture of your situation

I mean, if an ex-Amazon DSP driver "made book" recently, doesn't mean anyone can do a brownie drivers' job.

Maybe go to team eggplant or Amazon & try your luck there