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    First things first:Our Full-time Sup on numerous occasions sends people home, which is fine. However, I've seen him working on several occasions in different areas for those people he sent home.

    Now, he is sending people home because the volume is low, yet replaces that person for a period of time. Sometimes, when we are really busy he helps with scanning etc.

    Most of our senior employees do not seem to care. The 'DO NOT CARE' attitude I have been noticing a lot. Everyone keeps their heads down, and tries not to be recognized.

    I'm a college grad, with the goal to become Full-time Management. I want to be recognized as a good worker, hence I try to ask questions in regards to work.

    I'm still trying to figure out what the best way is to get recognized by management as very competent, with the full-time job as goal.

    PS. I understand most ya'll have an anti-management philosophy, but my degree is in management, in which I want to make a career in. I also understand, that this process will take time (years).

    I work the midnight Shift as Scanner, which reminds me, does working the midnight shift (less volume), decrease your chances to become Full-Time, considering, employees in other shift see more volume, therefore are more productive in management eyes.

    Anyways, thats what I'm thinking about ATM.

    I'm glad to have a found a job a UPS at times like these; where hard work is rewarded, with opportunities to grow (even if it takes 4ever).

    Thanks for this site! It has provided me with a lot of useful information. Information that I'd otherwise never find out.

    have a nice night!~
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    Hey, you up all nite again ! Well, it's almost like in every company. Show up ontime (before time is even better). Don't call in sick, either.Don't ask management questions, if you can get the same answers from co workers. (don't get on thier nerves).
    And as far as Sups doing work (even though sending people home). If you wanna climb up that ladder, don't complain.
    Don't complain to anyone for that matter. A lot of co-workers are little "rats". Before you know it, they'll complain to management about you. (and then your chances get less and less).
    It's not Germany, where every co-worker sticks up for the other. I miss that.
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    Thats exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming that Klein. :)
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    If you have a big turn over of preloaders, scanners, etc... like we have here. It won't take you long to become thier sup.
    Last year we hired this young 20yr old. He doesn't even have a mangement course like you do. But, the hub just opened up, he was one of the first, and stayed ever since. In no time he became the preload sup (probably because of the highturn over, and he was the only 1 left from the start). Now he's training as package driver (he has to do that for 6 mths, to become a hub supervisor). Thats how fast it can go.
    But, do as him, keep your mouth shut, trust me on that one. Others will confirm tomorrow, I bet.
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    1. whats up with the cards logo in Fla??
    2. your sup load afters sending people home . this is a pieces per hour thing , their job is to meet those numbers any legal/safe way . if you are still there to see this then they already cut the slackers . a grad , good for you . you have goals in the company , good for you . your in the first part of the management interview right now . the ability to do the grind day in and out above what is asked . the ability to observe what is need to get the p/t job done and not complain about them "working".
    4.your degree is worth less to ups till you complete #3 and you pass the letter/review/test for management .