New 22.3 Job Opening bidding procedure

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    Management said they will be posting a new 22.3 job during the evening/local sort. It will require about 1 hour of work in the building then you would be loading air and picking up air at various points along the way to the airport then drive back to the building for an 8 hr day. It would be offered to full timers, but I've heard a new full time job in the building needs to be offered to part timers first. Is there any truth to this?

    What I've been hearing is a new full time job in the building needs to be offered to part timers first, but an existing full time job has to be offered to full time first.
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    In my building 22.3 jobs are offered to current 22.3 employees and then to all FT and last PT.
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    Read Article 22 Section 3-4

    The parties agree that providing part-time employees the
    opportunity to become full-time employees is a priority of
    this Agreement. Accordingly, the Employer commits that during the
    life of this Agreement, it will offer part-time employees the opportuni-
    ty to fill at least twenty thousand (20,000) permanent full-time job
    openings throughout its operations covered by this Agreement.
    This commitment shall include the obligation to create at least
    twenty-three hundred and fifty (2350) new full-time jobs from
    existing part-time jobs during the first three (3) years of this
    Agreement throughout its operations covered by this Agreement;
    five hundred (500) in each of the first two contract years and thir-
    teen hundred fifty (1350) in the third year of this Agreement. In
    creating these jobs, the Company shall be allowed up to one and
    one half (1.5) hour gap between jobs in a workday notwithstand-
    ing any provision in any Supplement, Rider or Addendum that is
    more limiting. Any disagreements will be referred to the Chairs of
    the National Negotiating Committee for resolution.
    The number of full-time jobs created under Article 22, Section 3 of
    the 1997-2002 and the 2002-2008 Agreements shall not be
    reduced. Within sixty (60) days of the ratification of this
    Agreement the Employer shall provide the International Teamsters
    Union a report detailing and identifying the full-time jobs which
    will need to be maintained pursuant to this paragraph.
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    Who in the union is in charge of making sure all of these combo jobs are being created.... And then ups moves them somewhere else .. Do we even know if all of these "new" jobs are still around or just being transferred and eliminated????
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    Our BA has told us that there is no way for the Union to keep track of these jobs.
  6. Coldworld

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    Dave do you really think ups has kept their side of the deal with all of these jobs.... How many years has it been now for the 10k worth of positions....why are we still discussing this, they ALL should be filled...years ago!!!!
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, I don't think the company has held up their end of the bargain.