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    RANDSC New Member

    Hello all. I'm in my fourth week loading what I now understand are not "trucks" but rather "package cars."

    It is going well when I can remember that the workout is 50% of the reason I am doing this.
  2. Turdferguson

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    Welcome to UPS, and Browncafe. Good luck to you
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  3. oldngray

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    They ARE trucks but UPS started calling them package cars a long time ago so they could say it;s OK for them to deliver in areas posted no trucks allowed.

    Semantics but typical of how things are at UPS.

    RANDSC New Member

    Thank you.
  5. Box Ox

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    They're trucks. Sounds dumb to call anything (larger than a 500) that we drive in the modern era "package cars" because they're not cars. They're long, packed with hundreds of pieces and walked front to back for 8-14 hours daily. Anybody who insists on calling them "cars" is just trying to tow the official company line. Hearing somebody in management say "No, they're package CARS" makes me cringe.
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