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    I am new to ups and am i package handler (loader). I just finished my week of on floor training, even though i only saw the guy twice. So this Monday will be my first "real" day of work.

    We are guaranteed 4.5 hours of work.

    My question:
    -Cornerstone training was only 4 hours a day so i thought OK thats fine its classroom training, my on floor training started with everyone else at 6:15 and ended around 10:30 just like everyone else i was working with, thats not 4.5 hours i figured OK still training i guess. My union dues and fee were not taken out of the first pay check i got because i was training still maybe?

    My main concern, if i am starting and ending the same time everyone else is and the time worked is not 4.5 hours theeen wat happens lol? do i get paid 4.5 hour but only work 4? also do i have to wait until all of my union initiation fee is paid until i am considered "in" the union, until then can they just take advantage of me? :knockedout::knockedout:
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    Unfortunately, the part-time daily guarantee is only 3.5 hours. And it's not automatic. If they try to send you home earlier, you have to insist on your 3.5 hour guarantee.

    You are covered by the Contract from Day One, but during your probationary period UPS can theoretically fire you for just about any reason, (so long as it isn't illegal,) without the Union protesting.
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    The hour guarantee actually varies depending on where you work. I have a 4 hour guarantee. Tell the person that is sending you home yet taht you dont have your hours and see what they say. If you do not speak up you will be taken advantage of and that applies to all areas of UPS. once you make seniority with the union become best friends with you steward.
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    It is a double edge sword. If you ask for your guarantee (in our area its 3 1/2 hours per article 22 sect 5) they have to find it for you ,but that doesn't mean you automatically are done. If they want you to stay and work past that your are obligated to do so. I believe for part timers its over time (time and a half) for any time worked past five hours .Trust me they do not want you to stay a minute past five. Make sure you ask for your guarantee.
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    yea during hiring human resource said 3.5 for night shift , 4.5 for twilight but night shift gets the tuition reimbersment. Im thinking ill just simply ask my supervisor " i thought we were supposed to work 4.5 hours a day?" and see what he says but i dont plan on pushing the subject while im on probation. Main problem is that when we are done loading were done becuase they are no more packages coming down and all the irregs are done so there is pretty much nothing left to do without moving me to another PD to help them finish, ill see what he says today. The human Resource guy that hired me is really nice too so maybe he can answer my questions in more detail thanks for the responses
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    Push for those hours and don't take layoffs. Every day you come in you're a step closer to seniority and a pay bump and full union membership/protection.

    Don't ask, tell. "I'm guaranteed 4.5 hours a night." They shouldn't have any reason to fire you this early, but you know your own hand - just play their game more aggressively.
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    They can fire him for anything before he hits seniority. If he makes noise now, they'll find an excuse to fire him.

    Be quiet for the 30 days, sign your union card, THEN bring it up.
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    god forbid they pay a bunch of guys with no benefits $14.50 an hour for a couple minutes