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    So I've read all about the interview process and what the job entails. My tour is Wednesday at 5:30Am. I just have a couple important questions.

    1) I've heard that if you quit in under a year, you'll never be able to work for ups again. Is this true ?

    2) I have a vacation in July that has already been booked. It will last 1 week. Will i be allowed to go on this vacation and then go back to work when I come back ? Obviously, I do not expect to be paid during this vacation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe.
    Hope you enjoy yourself here.

    My judgment is that these questions are not important but regardless, I will answer.

    1) no.

    2) Probably not. It depends on your local management team. The timing of the actual hiring, if soon, is probably to cover others being on vacation.
    There is a good chance that if you are hired, it will be after your vacation so the question is moot.
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    Thanks for the reply Hoaxster.