New at express and making a lot of mistakes- any advice?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by blooper92, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Hi guys I'm new here and pretty new at express. i work at agfs at my station as a handler and i don't know whether i'm just not cut out for this job or if i'm just making rookie mistakes. it just seems like a lot for the short amount of time i've been there and i don't want to be a burden on my coworkers or managers. i've done things like not checking a lock and it fell down after i thought i had locked it (the can didn't fall off though). putting an FO in a can instead of sending it down the belt (not entirely my fault but i didn't want to throw anyone under the bus so i took the blame). i was marshaling the loader up to the plane and a bumper touched the plane (stopped it before it did any damage but it still touched). i've tried marshaling the belt loader without removing chocks. i've helped a coworker load a can onto a dolly for a tug driver and didn't check her side's locks so the driver took off and the can fell off (technically the fault of the driver but she trusted me and our other coworker and we did her wrong). when things get really hectic i have a hard time scanning packages and loading them, i've only stopped the belt once because i got overwhelmed but someone had to take over scanning for me so i could fix my can (not stacked well). when stacking skids i put a package on top of a stack and a coworker bumped into it and it fell onto his head. i never make the same mistake twice because i always learn from them, i feel like half the time when i mess up it's because i haven't been told the right way and the only way i learn is doing it wrong first, THEN i'm told the right way.

    another problem i have is i'm a short guy, i'm 5'3 and while i'm strong enough to lift heavy packages sometimes i just can't get a hold of some of the bigger ones and i need help, i also need help offloading cans that are stacked to the ceiling because i can't reach. i feel like i ask for help a lot and it's annoying to my coworkers. i see them snickering at me when i ask for help on a box that's three feet taller than me or getting boxes that are out of my reach.

    i've never been late, i do everything i'm told, i get along with everyone, it just seems like a lot of mistakes i'm making. i really try to pay attention to what i'm doing but i get nervous i'm going to mess up which probably makes it worse. i guess what i'm asking is if this is normal, if i'll get used to it and stop making mistakes because i really want to be a good worker. also, am i too short for this job? i can lift 75 pounds but the height issue is annoying. do i need to see about transferring to csa or dgo? thanks guys i really appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Only advice I can give is update your resume and look for something better. This company has turned to nothing more than a dead end.
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    Take that as an OMEN! Run as fast as you can!
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    Your position has an incredible amount of turnover. As long as you show-up every day and don't mess-up too badly, you'll still be employed. Did they properly train you? You cannot be held accountable if you have not been properly trained. I used to be a Ramp Agent and worked out of ramps for many years as an RTD and my best advice is to only perform jobs you have received training for and to follow rules and procedures to the letter. It sounds like you are always in "hurry-up" mode, so slow down, do it by the book, and you won't be making so many errors. Really...just slow it down.
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    It's normal making the mistakes. FedEx is very bad about telling you how to do your job. They just throw you out there to sink or swim. I worked AGFS also and made a bunch of mistakes. Your mistakes will get fewer and further between. I too am short and since you can't change that, just do the best you can. Best way to earn respect is by working hard. Eventually, when they realize you aren't a slacker they won't mind helping you. You ARE making rookie mistakes. Hang in there, it will get better.
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    The honest terrible workers last the longest and do the least. Just be honest.
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    Slow down. Come up with some mnemonics to help you remember what you are doing. One the drivers use is "Golf Balls Fly" GFB is for gear, brake flasher for when you put your vehicle in park.

    You know that stupid commercial for keys phone gum-same thing. I tap my key pocket to make sure i have my key.'

    So, if you are using the belt loader--park brake chock--or make it a habit to always walk around the can and count the locks.

    As for the height--there are step aids that should be available to you. They are about 2 feet tall. We have some tiny women in our j cans and they need them.
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    "i feel like half the time when i mess up it's because i haven't been told the right way and the only way i learn is doing it wrong first, THEN i'm told the right way."

    Don't worry about this, this is the implementation of the new training program.
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    I'd look for another job.

    Sounds like they've thrown you into the lion pit. Once you get used to that then they'll throw you under the bus.

    ​Get out.
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    If you're making a lot of mistakes and potentially costly screwups on the job, all I can say to you is

  11. Cactus

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    And Bravo Zulu!
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    Shhh. I'm trying to keep him on the job.
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    I don't think I've made any COSTLY mistakes on the job, but thanks for the "encouragement".

    Thanks to those that gave me a helpful response :) It helps to know that everyone makes mistakes at first. Thanks guys.
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    sorry blooper, but if encouragement is what you seek, I'm afraid you've signed on at the wrong ship. This one is going down.

    Best of luck to you, just don't plan on making any sort of career at Purple. It may sound flippant, but it's straight talk. FedEx sucks. End of story
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    The best advice is to leave if you want a real job, especially if it's in this industry. UPS pays less for the sorter/handler job, but your future prospects are much brighter. There is zero future at FedEx. Dead serious. Take what you've learned, and apply it to a job where there's something in it for you.
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    A 25 year safe driving award veteran made the following statement at the meeting when he got his jacket. I thought it was great advise and will always stay with me. I offer it to you.

    "FedEx driving is like running a marathon, not a sprint".
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    If anybody in my RTD workgroup said something like that they'd be laughed right out of the building.
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    I guess they would.... it's he is the only driver I have personally known in my career to get a 25 year safe driving award. It was "his day" and that's what he said.


    Dude, just ask Dano59 for advice. He's the master in Memphis BS. I'm sure he will set you straight.