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    Hi Im new to this site just heard about it today at work, been with UPS for 2 and 1/2 years , I work in the new centre that just opened last year (Jan 14 2008) in kelowna, bc there were only 5 of us who transfered from all over canada to start off the first 2 weeks it was 10x crazier then x-mas lol. The sad thing is how UPS screwed us with all 25 year or older P5's that are suppose to be scraped and no on site mechanic to fix any of the trucks that break down they did contract a shop up but they never sent us any parts and the guy the shop gave us never fixed anything anyway. On top of all this the centre manager we got is a huge joke, he's been around since day 1 when UPS started in canada. The guy is reluctant to allow us to have the minimum 2 off per week for vacation, and refuses to allow anyone to use there optional's even if u call in sick and wanna use one for that day u missed, on top of all that he works the belt, sorts the smalls taking work from my co-workers and also calls employees names. Its no help that were getting no rep from the union. also still waiting for the runs to be put up for bid been over a year. It really sucks that we have this beautiful new centre in a gorgeous city with the worst trucks and a prehistoric manager thats running the centre to the ground u cant constantly keep sending all the drivers on road with only 60-75 stops a day, its giving us bad numbers and making us look horrible, send ppl home and pull trucks off the road when its this light, there going to end up shutting are centre down all because of this clown!!!
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    do you have a local call your BA do you not have a shop steward?
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Toyotaman!

    If you don't have a shop steward, perhaps you should put your name in.
    Sounds like you'll need a steward who REALLY wants the job, doesn't sound like it'll be easy...
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    Were in the middle of voting in a new steward as we speak, I've called and talked to the area locale and that guy wouldn't know how to pull his own head out his a**. I've talked to other ppl from different companies in the same union as I and they said he's a joke. Talked to the president of the union and he don't seem to care much either. I just feel so ripped off paying union dues for absoultely no back up from them.
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    Is there a spot on the ballot to write in someone's name?

    Toyotaman Shop Steward

    Has a nice ring to it, eh?
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    LOL yeah I do like the sound of that, I might as well get it since I'm the only One who has even talked to the union office, and actually got some what of a ball moving on are issues. Plus im not scared to tell the boss off when it's needed. Calling me in the office swearing at me for justified sick days. I have 5 optionals screw u buddy LOL, man it's a such a joke I had more rights as a welder with out a union.
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    Toyotaman, hello from the State of Maine! I hope you find this site useful.
    Good luck with your Stuward bid....LOL! Hang tough!
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    We have no problem here in Maine with the union we have excellent BA's

    we make a call and there will be a response.

    i go to all my locals meetings

    i listen to what the people who are the reason we have what we have today say

    some of the stories they tell are worth going.

    if you go to meetings it will put a face to a name.

    a lot of people put down the union that is there prerogative it's the way that they wanna live its there per oga tive

    but they will still call the union for help

    from some of the posts i read i feel very fortunate that i have such a strong union presence here.
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    I'm finding this site very helpful wish I knew about it sooner. I would love to goto meetings if we had any, we have Only had 1 to disscuss voting in a new steward and only 5 of us showed up. It's really sad because all these guys wine about wanting this and that done but are not willing to goto a simple meeting to discuss they concerns. What they need to realize is that the union is only as strong as there members and we need to stick together if we want any chance to get things fixed, but the thing is there all comfortable in the runs they have and don't want to stir the pot if it may inconvience them in Some way like the runs finally going up for bid. Nothing will chance and it will all be a lost cause if they don't all get on board as a team