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    Looking to buy a couple Home Delivery routes. Each route comes with a payment free truck. Averages 90 stops a day during regular season, and around 225-250 during the short peak season. Gross for the year is around 125,000 for each route. I will be running one of the routes myself. Is $90,000 a fair price ?
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    well, i guess it's better than lasership/ ontrac/ etc...
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    With a screen name like yours, you should meet Inde.
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    MFE may have to sue for infringement (it is the FedEx way, after all)
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    HMMMM lets see they told you what great of a company they are 2nd they told you that you are your own business 3rd they told you what a great income opportunity this is .. Well lets explain it to you this way its like going fishing Fedex throws all the BS out to you on a line and you are the fish that bites , just like a fish caught on a line once your caught you are owned by fedex .... Slavery on your money and your expence...whatever they tell you its all BS... all one last thing get a lawyer with some balls cause you will need them
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    You need way more information. The first question to ask is what they net per route. If you're not familiar with the business, make sure you compare notes with someone who is.
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    If you can't afford 2 drivers and to manage it yourself then stay away. The risk is too high running two routes and driving one yourself. If your driver gets hurt or quits can you run both the routes by yourself? Or drive one yourself and gamble it. You will make really good money that way, but you're walking the line. Can lose it all pretty fast of things go south in that situation.

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    Thank you all for the feedback
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    MrCarrier take STFXG and MrFedex's advice, if I was you and still considering look at settlements and see how many days he ran three vans(look in fuel supplement part), HD freight varies from day to day, for instance right now we are blown out tues and wed light Thurs and Fri heavy sat that seems to be the trend for now. Also check out tax returns and maintenance forms he has on file(the required dot forms) he has to turn in to FedEx, if vans are paid see how well they were maintained. The routes sound like midrange routes not enough stops for city and to many for a rural route so the vans can get in pocket fast, look at how many hours it takes to run them and how long the drivers have been on routes. Talk to the drivers and find out what they think about routes as they are the most valuable part of business. That should get you started. And last but not least negotiate price.