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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by WorkingStiff, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. WorkingStiff

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    As everyone knows the new contract takes effect 8/1/13. The old contract started in 2007 and halfway thru it, on the first Sunday in August 2010, my hub started working on Sundays. Now the excuses we all heard for working on Sunday-Thursday instead of Monday-Friday were to say the least hilarious so we'll save that for another thread.

    My question is quite simple yet maybe filled with many possibilities and no definite answers.

    Will my hub now in August 2013 move back to Monday-Friday? We've to say the least have done our share. No 3 day weekends because we work on Sunday since Memorial Day and Labor Day are always on a Monday. We work on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc... (all which fall on Sunday). To say the least everyone hates it and many are looking to leave UPS because of it.

    FYI: We learned we'd be working Sundays in June 2010. So I guess we'll be finding out soon? Hoping you guys and gals can shed so more light on this situation.

    I'd say since we've done half the contract working Sundays it time for another hub to take it on.

    BTW, attendance is horrid on Sundays.

    Thanks and looking forward to everyone's insights.
  2. Harry Manback

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    Sounds like a question only Jenny could answer. What was her number again?
  3. WorkingStiff

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    Wow, what an intelligent well thought out answer. :thumbdown
  4. beentheredonethat

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    The Sunday - Thursday schedule is to help to improve net transit days to compete with FDX whil incurring lower overall cost. I don't see any hub going back to Mon - Fri from the Sun-Thu schedule.
  5. BigUnionGuy

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    Not yet....

    Could be worse.... Tuesday thru Saturday.

  6. WorkingStiff

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    How is overall cost lower?

    Why can't another hub take Sun-Thu? Not necessarily saying to get rid of Sun-Thu but someone else can do it.
  7. WorkingStiff

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    That would actually be better. Sundays off and 72 hour weekends.
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    Prime example.... of the education system. Failed at basic math.

  9. yeldarb

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    The current contract started 2008. Not 2007.
  10. WorkingStiff

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    Why do you say that? We do not get 72 hour weekends like the rest of the planet. We start on Thursday at 11:15 PM and on Sunday at 6 PM. You do the math!
  11. WorkingStiff

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    Thanks. Somewhere on this site it reads 2007.
  12. Change shifts if you dont like sun-thurs.
  13. scratch

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    I would think that location and size of the Hub would be the deciding factor in this work schedule, whether or not its "fair" has nothing to do with it.
  14. Brownslave688

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    So it's ok if someone else works Sundays just not u?
  15. oldtymer

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    Contract doesn't start on August 1st unless it's voted on and approved by the membership, never vote yes to the 1st contract.
  16. beentheredonethat

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    I don't know the hub you live in, but the local hub somewhat near me runs a Sun-Thu schedule. They also switched from a Mon-Fri to this new schedule. They did it so that they could improve the transit days (To their local delivery area) from other origins. From a long distance away, trains are cheaper then driver teams. When UPS commits to a transit time, it's a committment no matter what day of the week the customer ships. On some days, it may require driver teams to get to the destination hub in time, a Sunday sort means the trains can be more easily be used for Monday's which substantially reduces cost. As to moving work from one hub to another, just to share the pain. I haven't seen that done. Should it? Maybe. However, switching like this would be a logistic nightmare just to spread the pain, which is why it isn't done.
  17. PACNW

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    When they had the Sun-Thu Night Shift schedule in Seattle the other shifts loved the low staffing. Folks from the TWI and Preload got double time for working on Sunday nights.
  18. WorkingStiff

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    Better than that looking for another job which many others are doing as well, and it will be quite difficult getting new hires to work Sunday. they're shooting themselves in the foot.
  19. WorkingStiff

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    You haven't been listening. It's time for others (another hub) to take over Sundays.
  20. WorkingStiff

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    thanks for getting in depth with your answer. Again another hub can take it on.