New Contract and Me



I am a driver scheduled to meet my 2 year seniority date in October and finally be at top rate. Could someone tell me how the new contract effects my progression. Do I still progress as planned and reach top rate in October? Or, will the new contract change my progress?


Yonnko, This contract should have no bearing on your progression to the top rate, provided they do not incorporate new language in the contract changing the progression timetable. This contract will most likely do two things for you, give you a pay increase if a contract is ratified by July 31st, or possibly put you out of a job if UPS goes on strike. I'm not trying to scare you, but with only 2 years seniority your job could be eliminated due to the tremendous loss of volume UPS will endure with any strike. Only the most senior employees will be fortunate enough to have a job available if there is a strike, since our volume will drop by 50% or more, and any customers we lose now will never return to UPS. Any strike, no matter how long, will be devastating to both the company and all employees. The only winner in any strike is the competition. Just hope that cooler heads prevail and that they find some common ground for a contract that is fair for both the employees and UPS.