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    Hi. Im relativity new to UPS. I have been working here for six months and i have a few questions

    1. Am i entitled to a non-payed vacation? \

    2. What if someone is my family passes, do i get time off work? Do i get paid for this time off??

    3. I would like to get the extra dollar for picking off. Is there a limit to the amount of people on the PD who get the extra dollar and are able to pickoff??

    Thank you so much !!
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    As far as the extra dollar goes for pickoffs, I'm not so sure myself. I run a PD Trailer belt in a next day air hub, but we do not pay our High Pick or Low Pick any extra for their duties (not sure if this is because my belt is 1 of 3 PD Trailer style belts compared to the other 20 or so Run-out Air belts). Also, we have low production goals (since it is NDA and has a lot of different S and P splits), so that may have something to do with it. My guess is that there is probably a limit to the number of people that get the Pick Off raise because there is a limited number of people you will need to do the Pick Off (at least, that has been the case for me).
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    For bereavement, in the Southern Region, check your contract on Article 29 Section 2.

    *That is, if you are in the Southern Region...
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    I am in Jacksonville FL. I was not aware that i had a contract? Im just a loader. Sorry im such a newb..haha
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    The contract represents all hourly workers that are union and non-union. As long as the position you are in is loader/unloader, sorter, any type of driver, mainly the general positions. However some office positions are not covered under the contract and of course management is not.
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    talk to your steward you should have already been approached

    get a contract

    join union

    welcome to your future
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    Keep in mind that you will have to pay union dues, union is only good for if you plan to make a long-term career at UPS. Otherwise it's not worth it, especially if your just a part-timer.
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    I don't know if i agree give me more of your opinion please

    Just because he gets same representation for free doesnt mean it is the best way to go
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    Union hall is on Lane Avenue...Near Commonwealth.....Ask for Margie....shes the BA :peaceful:....Which sort are you on?
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    nice job Monavie
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    Id say there probably a limit on the number of people since its classified as a "position" id imagine seniority rules and whoever had the highest seniority that wanted it would get it?
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    midnight sort. Thanks for your help guys.
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