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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by SLW, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Hey all, just got "hired" as a seasonal driver and am headed to Integrad. Been wanting to do this for years. Pretty excited and nervous, but I also have an appearance standards question.

    I have a beard and also eczema where shaving it off it is very uncomfortable. The HR guy recommended (without me even mentioning any of this) that I should just get a beard waiver, which I plan on doing.
    The issue is, there is Integrad, then a probationary period. I don't want to have a target on my back, or be singled out to be eliminated in any way, or have a "special" reputation. I *can* shave and use medication to help, but only for a few weeks til it starts to melt my skin off. That was my plan. I told the HR guy this and he insists on keeping it, ADA will protect me, yada yada, but I know the on-the-ground reality is sometimes different.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. It's a tough call. Then call fail you at intergrad for just about any reason they want to.
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    Just make sure you trim it as close as you can. Dont have this foot long beard
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    If it was me I’d shave
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    Appearance standards are long gone. So many drivers have beards now.
    I haven't grown a beard yet, but my mustache is now 1/4 inch below the corner of my mouth. No doctors note. Yeah, I'm a rebel...
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    Appearance standards are gone in the hub but in that class room they’ll require you to shave. I’d get a jump start on that waiver and have it ready for your first week on the road. Like you said. You can suffer with a bare face for a week.