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    Hi, I've been invited to a tour/info session for part time package handler on Friday 3/16. I would love to work for UPS, I only have a few questions; 1)What is a tour/info session exactly? 2) Is it possible to advance to something other than a package handler over time? 3) I've heard that UPS employees are not allowed to have any facial hair, true or false? 4) What does a package handler do? Obviously they handle packages, but specifically, what do they do with them?

    I would greatly appreciate any information regarding these questions. Thank you in advance for any help :)
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    1) No idea what that is. When I was hired, there was no tour. Just a sit-down session at a table where a lot of paperwork was filled out. After that, they told me to report on monday morning.

    2) Advancement is based on seniority in the hourly category. Sux to start out at the bottom, but you'll have 30 years to get higher.

    3) Only the employees that have direct contact with the public are required to maintain no more than a moustache. Inside package handlers can come in as Marylin Manson stunt doubles from what I've seen.

    4) Package handlers load or unload trailers or containers for air shipments. There's not much explanation other than relocation of stacks of packages.

    Been a while since I've been in those shoes, I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out. Didn't like seeing no replies to the post so I thought I'd contribute. Welcome to the board and good luck with the job.
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    1)Don't know.
    3)True and False
    4)A package handler can unload packages, load packages into trailers, package cars, can sort packages from the sort aisle to different belts. can sort envelopes and small packages to bins for loading into nylon bags.
    Hope I was helpful...

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    Thank you both so much. You have no idea how much it means to me that you responded. I really really really appreciate it. You were both very helpful.
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    I had to do a tour of the center as part of the interview process. Basically they had me come in during the shift I selected to see what happens on that shift. They showed me equipment used also. Since the center I work at is rather small, this took all of 10 minutes. Hope I was of some help.
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    Is that what a tour is?? I see new jacks walking around my building all the time. Usually 10 to 15 people with the training sup..
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    At least it was for me. Except on my tour I was the only interviewee (is that even a word?)
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    If Your Invited To The Tour,your Most Likely Got The Job! Show Up Every Day Watch Out For Snakes And Do The Best You Can!! You Will Move Up The Ladder Quickly Good Luck !!!!
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    What they do with the tour (in my center anyway) is walk them through, show them what we do and explain things...and specifically try to scare them out of the job. After the tour they ask if they still want an interview and set up a time for the actual interview. That way, the ones who get scared off right off the bat don't waste their time with an individual interview.

    If you're not a driver, porter, mechanic, clerk, or sup, you are a "package handler". You generally start out (if you're on nights) as a loader cause that job is the worst. If you can deal with it awhile, eventually you'll be able to get into other areas- unloading, small sort, sorting (harder to get a job in this area cause it comes with skill pay and most likely you'll be out bid by someone else for a long time). Basically, in my building anyway, you can generalize like this:

    Loaders have been there most likely less than a year, up to maybe two years. Unloaders and small sort people have been there generally 2-5 years...some longer, some less. They'll put you there if you're female or you suck at loading but have made it past when they can easily fire you. Sorters have been there a long time and they don't budge from their jobs until a driving job opens up. I'm on the airdock- there are three of us and we've all been there a long time. Low turnover in this area. The auditors are a mix of old and new but that comes from some being long-timers who moved into the position and others being in from before they were made union. Keep in mind we're at about 10 years for a driving position where I'm at. I don't know what it will be for the new guys coming in now, but right now the last guy to get a driving position waited almost 11 years for it.

    Oh, and if you want to be a supervisor, that would only take you about 3 months where I work.
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    The tour generally consists of the hr rep (or a training supe)walking you around and showing you the lay of the land. You'll see how the oepration runs... they will usually tell and show you the area where you might be working in. It is usually meant to discourage people from continuing the hiring process. If you are still interested after the tour, then the hr will schedule for a follow-up. Usually the tour only last 10-20 minutes with time for questions.

    As far as advancement, most of the time, you will start as an unloader/loader. The progress to perhaps sorter. But there are also positions like handling incompatibles (packages over 70), spa (package scanners that apply labels), etc. Most positions if not all, require seniority... you gan seniority after 30 days on the job (that's considered your seniority date). Driving positions can be up to a 10 year wait....

    For package handlers, there really isn't a dress code. Just nothing obscene or offensive. For drivers, that's another issue.

    Package handlers is the general terminology. You basically in one form or another, move packages from one location to another via conveyor belts. Just be prepared to be sore the first 2 weeks. Then your body should get more use to the work. And make sure you stretch!!!

    Good luck!
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    what city are you in slap happy

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    Thanks so much for all the replies, everyone. You guys have answered everything I was curious about.
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    The first day a guy comes to work at UPS, his ass looks like a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he looks like he's carved out of wood.

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    lol good movie:thumbup1:
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    facility tour and a meet and greet
    over time being the key words
    Mustache only

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    Even if you have no interaction with the public?
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    If you dont meet the public you can look like Sasquatch.:thumbup1:
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    No. You will be forever stuck as a package handler for the rest of your career. Nobody moves on. :lol: :lol: But seriously, I'm somewhat correct when I say you will never move on from package handlin. All we are is a company of package handlers when you boil down to it.:wink:
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    Make sure you listen very carefully during the walk thru. There is a test at the end and the score on the test is the basis for your pay scale. Good luck!!!

    You know when I had my interview, there was no tour. My intreview was scheduled for , get this, 1 a.m in the morning. I suppose they wanted to see if I could make it to an early morning job since I was coming in for a Preload position. During the interview he asked a few questions, gave me a reading/writing test and took my vital information and then told me to report the following Monday for my first day of work.
    07/29/93, a day that will live in infamy!
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    The main reason for the tour is to give you a quick orientation of what to expect. There is a big cost associated with the hiring process. If you go through all the training and decide to quit after one day or 1 week on the job, UPS is out a lot of money and the operation is one week further behind in the hiring process.

    Depending on where you work...there are perks for working such as tuition reimbursement as well as other benefits that few other companies
    give to PT employees.

    Ask a lot of questions on your tour. Your HR Rep also has a pretty good idea of where they are looking to assign you.

    Most PT jobs are either load or unload positions in a hub or package center.

    The conditions below must be met to retain your position after probation.

    Dependability - you will not keep your job if you are not there to work on time every planned work day

    Performance - be able to unload (rule of thumb) 1000 packages an hour
    or load approx 450 packages an hour.

    The average weight of a package is 18 lbs.

    Your job will require you to work safely and avoid injuries as well as provide certain quality performance standards - ask your HR Rep what is expected in these areas.

    Good Luck