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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by artvandalay23, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. artvandalay23

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    Hey guys, just got hired last week and finished first week of training today and the guy said I was a sorter. He handed me a sheet with all the zip codes on it and told me to study it and he will see me Monday. Any tips on remembering all these? I wasn't aware I could be a sorter right off the bat, I was under the impression I'd have to pass a test at least. Any input would be great, thanks for the help.

  2. PT Stewie

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    Ask for the $1.00 per hour sort raise see how that flys
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    Haha, I'd rather not ruffle any feathers just yet.
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    Sometimes you can mentally group a bunch of states together, like most of the New England states (MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) might all go to the same belt. Or for states that get split up and sorted to 2 different belts, try memorizing the few ZIPs that go to 1 belt and if it's not one of those ZIPs it goes to the other belt. It would probably be quicker to just memorize the ground packages first, then go back and learn where the 3day and 2day pkgs go.

    By any chance are you an architecture student, Mr Vandalay?
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    Why are you working off the clock? Don't you like to get paid for working?
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    The big readables stamp on the destination sticker will help you. Learn the exceptions for your sort too. In the old school days, we did have those on the destination stickers. All the to:, were handwritten. Today, most of handwrittens are international packages from China. You have to look closely because they can't write alphabetic legibly.
  7. working up a sweat

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    In the old school days, we did NOT have those on the destination stickers. My bad.
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    Are you working the local sort of pre-load ??? Either way the only way to learn to sort is by actually doing the job and remember where each zip codes goes.
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    Yeah I figured a lot of the stuff we learned in the classroom wouldn't be truly learned until actually DOING the job. What should I expect for my first day on the floor tomorrow?
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    Not a mind game. People actually do get hired into sorting. At my facility nobody can be bothered to learn the sort, so they just will hire new people into it. They typically get their dollar raise shortly after they are done being trained, if they can do the job. The OP got lucky and gets to skip loading or unloading.

    Of course the really lucky people (usually female) got hired into smalls sort. But a lot of them got stuck doing tougher jobs when they made the sorting process missort proof (the sorter just scans the box and the right bin to sort it to lights up..)
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    If you are really being trained as a sorter you will most likely spend half of the sort on LTC and the other half unloading.