New Keyless system on my old truck

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Goochy, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Got the new keyless system on my old truck ( uprade ) . They TOOK my ingnition key off my key ring :panicsmiley:. The remote worked good at 1st , then it went down hill . I was pushing button 20-30 times to get green light in dash to turn on . It would be cool IF it WORKED !! I wrote it up in book as " JUNK " and it did NOT work . I also asked for my key back ! Any pointers on how to use the new system on the older trucks ( I have never used the new system on a new truck ) Someone drove my truck before me ( day before ) , he also had massive problems with remote not working , but he did not write it up . So atleast its just not me having problems , anyone having problems with NEW or OLDER trucks with new keyless systems ?
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    There is a whole thread.
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    The key is in the black lock box. Either under the jumps seat. Or by the steering area. The code for our boxes are 1234. Not sure if they are the same for every building.
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    My mechanic told me to get a copy of my ignition key made and to not let anyone know. He said the lock boxes have been malfunctioning and he's had to bring keys out to drivers bc the box wouldn't open.
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    Oh I think there will be many threads before its all said and done.
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    There should be a lock box with a bulkhead and an ignition key. Ours are located against the firewall around where your left foot sits. The combination on our boxes are the last 4 digits of the truck number. Mine messed up one of the first days. It said "engine comm failure" I waited 1.5 hours for keys (they could of just told me the lockbox code) and it started up first time when I tried to show the sup what was wrong lol. I then drove 3 miles and took my lunch break. That was a long day. I love my keyless it just takes some getting use to.
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    Goochy, this is what I have found out. I've been keyless for a week now. The control module should be behind the wall over your head (driver seat). Try placing the key fob up close to the module (you don't have to go into the cargo area to do this - it'll work through the wall). This is the problem I was having Monday. If you are in an industrial area where there is a lot of electronics in use it will interfere with the signal between the fob and the control module. They gave me a new fob on Wed and it works much better. I also put my fob on a lanyard. I like it much better than having to struggle with the fob on my belt loop. With it on a lanyard, if I have trouble getting it to light up the dash switch all I have to do is pick it up a bit and hit the button again.

    I still reach for my 'keys' once in awhile (then have to stop and remember what the hell I was doing) and I still do not have any rhythm getting back into the truck, putting diad away and getting truck started. I guess it's a process.

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    How clever is that!!! No one would ever think of using 1234 as a security code.
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    That is actually a white person problem.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    Almost as good as using password for your password.
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    Dilli has no rhythm and tooner has to rub it to wake it up! Starting to be an interesting thread.
    Keep your eye on the prize and the rhythm will improve.

    I could work with you on that, if you like. :deletesmiley2:
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    Tuesday I came in and my manual transmission, lap belt, keyed vehicle was replaced by an automatic, 3 point seatbelt, keyless truck. Talk about lack of rhythm. Thankfully the day only planned out to 11.05 hours.
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    That had to be the gift that wasnt. I remember I felt like I drove 2 trucks all day long. constantly reaching for the shifter. it takes some getting used to, and then keyless. Do You drink? Did you start? :panicsmiley:
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    I like when you get to your first stop and push in the clutch that isn't there. Question 1. Yes. Question 2. 4 Cocktails ago.
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    Just my luck............................................... :panicsmiley:
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    I need some help somewhere.............................:groooansmileyf:
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    Do you still have that truck? I'm sure the driver that got your package car complained right away.
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    Memo to UPS corporate; when retrofitting keyless entry into an older vehicle, the simple precaution of leaving the original ignition key attached to the fob will prevent any number of delays, road calls, breakdowns, and other issues that seem to be a common occurence. Its not rocket science. The original key is not some priceless golden artifact that must be locked away from the driver for safekeeping. The fob that hangs from the drivers belt has a key ring on it, and there is no rational reason why a backup key cannot also live on that ring. I took it upon myself to obtain the original ignition key for my car and attach it to the fob, and it has already saved me a huge amount of hassle on the occasions when the system encounters some sort of a glitch.
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    I just go in the lock box when I get to my first stop and use my key all day. I tried to use the remote the first day that it was installed. After about 45 minutes of pushing the remote button 20 times to get the green light, I decided that I couldn't be bothered with this "upgrade" and opened the lock box and took my key out. Been fine ever since.
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    Sorry , I thought it was talking about new trucks only . I am talking about OLD trucks with new keyless sysytem . THANKS .