New Model P500?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by scratch, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. scratch

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    This afternoon, as I was walking out my Hub door for the gate, I noticed a new model Package Car sitting in the front of the building. It had just been delivered from the factory, no tag or door lock cores, Freightliner Owners manual laying on the shelf. I am wondering exactly what size this is, I have never seen one like it. It looked like a downsized new model P7. It had four wheels, was shorter in length, looked narrower, but was 10.0 feet tall. Four cylinder Mercedes engine, 5 speed Allison automatic, but the neat thing was the rear doors. They looked like elevator doors, instead of opening to the side or rolling up, they slid behind the rear taillights. Its about time the old P5s are replaced, this particular car I suspect was just passing through to a different Center.
  2. quebec_driver

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    we have 3 new p5 in our center, 1 is a sprinter with a cube and elevator type doors, and 2 p5 freightliner with normal doors, the sprinter is a bit rough to work out of, but the freightliners are sweet Power steering, automatic ...
  3. switchoff

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    I think those are P57's. We have about 8 of them in our center. We received them several months ago. They are a lot nicer than the old P5's (doesn't take much) but I don't like them that much (I prefer my P7). The engine has power but similiar to turbo lag, once you floor it, it takes a second or so for it to kick. Most of our old P5's 504###, 505### got transfered back east.
  4. 25yrvet

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    I hope I'm not east of you!
    My on car told me we were getting a couple new P57's--he claimed they had duals on the rear axel.
  5. wornoutupser

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    All the old P-5's that went east ended up in Florida in my area :-(
  6. retired2000

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    here in upstate ny our drivers have recieved new cars also. they are called p1200's i think. no more bubble fronts.
  7. iloadthetruck

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    I haven't seen a P57, I know my center has a few, but I did get to walk around and through a P12. It's almost as long as a school bus, and the cargo area could have held a small house, but it's very, very nice. Not so sure about the look of the hood, it looks a little space agey, but I think if it had the bubble-front it wouldn't fit in the bay. It barely fits as it is.

    I wouldn't mind if we got rid of the junkers and replaced them with cars like that. I was very impressed. I guess I should check out the "Star Trek" doors on the 57. It would be cool if they went "kawoosh" when they opened.
  8. We've recieved 5-6 new P57's our sprinters have been removed from the lineup and have gone away. The 57 has duallys, on a FL chassis

    Haven't seen anything with a elevator door yet.

    Amazing they got these nice new 57s to replace some older trucks
    but we still have a manual steering 500, and a highstep 1000...
    that they just can't seem to get rid of.
  9. speeddemon

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    We still have about 6 old P500s and 4 old P1000s. Talk about killing your knees!!
  10. yeah we just got 3 or 4 of these
  11. helenofcalifornia

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    Our center is about 90% old trucks with the high step and no power steering. We are at the end of the line of hand me downs in trucks. Supposedly we are going to get about 4 new trucks soon. The one's that are being replaced are going to that big truck heaven in the sky.
  12. hoser

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    does it look like a sprinter, but with a boxy door? i like those...
  13. scratch

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    No, it wasn't a Sprinter. It looked like a downsized P7 with four wheels. It must have been a P57, it went to Macon, Ga. the next day. I got a new P7 one year ago today, only 35,000 miles on it now. Unfortunately it was in the shop today, Preload broke a mirror and window trying to spot it this morning. I drove a P500 all day, it wore me out!:bored:
  14. hoser

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    Shifting the 500 within the centre wears me out :wink: