new parents


After a year of talking about adopting,we finally signed the papers today.
Her name is Gypsy,and she`s a spayed,declawed 4 year old tabby.Our other cat Reggie,the overly affectionate one,is upstairs trying to make friends but Gypsy is a bit overwhelmed.She`s been at the humane society for almost 5 months,and I guess it will take time before she feels at home.She was a head rubbing purr factory when we chose her.
I think we just need to be patient.


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We got a kitten about 4 months ago, and are thinking about getting another. But we worry about the opposite happening, DS. The current cat hating the new one.


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Congratulations on your new adoptee. In the past we've just had one cat at a time, until they ran out of their nine lives.

A couple of years ago, found two kittens waiting to be adopted.

Couldn't take one without the other, so adopted both.

They had distinct personalities, and are fun to have around and fun for each other.


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I thought of your thread when I received this clip via e mail today.

And as long as our furry friends don't start talking back or demanding
an allowance, I think we'll all be ok...:bored:

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Cute video sammie,the little one is acting much more relaxed now.She is eating like a lion and has started grooming and stopped shedding.
Reggie is finding she's a hard nut to crack as every little expression of affection he gives her just gets him a whap in the face.They do chase each other all over the house,so maybe Reg still has a chance.
BTW my original browncafe name was you can stop guessing.I had it changed because I thought it was a bit radical for an old man that actually likes his job through all the crap we endure.