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    Hello everyone,

    I was hired to be a "peak" driver and I finished a week long Driver training class on the 18th of November. I was told I probably wouldn't work the 3 days prior to Thanksgiving(which I didn't) but would start the following week(last week). Well I called in everyday and they kept telling me, "not today, call back tomorrow" well Friday came and the just said the same thing, call back on Monday. I picked up this job to work and make money.....are they ever going to use me??? I heard that I could be as much as 60hrs a week.....but nothing yet? Can anybody give me some reasons as to why I wouldn't be driving yet? After reading these forums it seems like there is plenty of work to go around....
  2. rocket man

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    You have to keep calling . I guess.
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    Even though volume has picked up with addition of driver helper they increase the number of stop each has. Sometimes as much as 100 stop more.

    Your not driving yet because they don't need you. In order for you to work every FT driver has to be working first. Then they probably have a seniority list for temps being the Temps that have work for UPS during the summer months get first dips on work.

    You are a back up plan just in case they run short.

    the good news is there are 15 more days that you could possible work and if the rumors are correct volume should pick up.
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    Thank you upsguy, I appreciate your time and assistance with this. I'm wondering if I would have been better off going for a Helper job, the pay is less but they all seem to be working. Happy Holidays everyone!!
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    When they say they don't need you that day ask about being a helper then.